GreedFall Beginner’s Tips: Factions, Crafting, Companions & More

Don't forget to pause in GreedFall. No, really.

GreedFall is a huge game that offers many, many hours of gameplay. The RPG systems are also a bit more robust and affect the way you solve quests and progress in GreedFall a lot more than many other action RPGs nowadays. That where this GreedFall beginner’s guide comes in and hopefully it will make the early game a bit more manageable for those of you who are stuck.


Improve Your Gear

GreedFall tips

A lot of the weapons and armor you find in GreedFall can be improved by sticking some extra materials to them. This doesn’t only make the gear look cooler, it also comes with some really great stat buffs. The level of improvement you can do is governed by the Craftmanship skill and spending some points on it is recommended if you aim to have the best weapons and armor in the game. Some upgrades even provide skill and Talent bonuses so they are a good thing to play around with. Upgrades can be swapped out at any time so no need to worry too much about which one to choose.


Get the Stasis Magic

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Stasis magic will freeze an enemy in place for a moment, which is incredibly useful in combat. This gives you precious seconds to heal up or focus your attention on other enemies. The effect wears off if the target takes damage, so it is best used for crowd control. Freeze the biggest baddie of the lot and focus on killing off the smaller, weaker enemies and even big encounters become quite manageable.


Learn How to Parry and Dodge

GreedFall 1

The controls and combat in GreedFall can feel a bit clunky and takes some getting used to. However, it is worth learning the intricacies of the parry and dodge system as it can be quite rewarding and make your progression that much easier. Blocking an incoming attack will often let you follow up and punish that enemy. These follow up attacks often cause status effects and do quite a bit of armor damage. For larger enemies who can’t be readily blocked, it is better to dodge or roll. If timed correctly, you should end up behind or at the flank of the attacker, giving you ample opportunity to make him bleed for his trouble.


Break Their Armor

GreedFall armour

Health in GreedFall is divided into two meters, one for armor and one for vitality. When armor is filled, the player or enemy will suffer far less vitality damage from attacks. Therefore, your first order of business is to take that armor down. All weapons do both armor and health damage but the heavier weapons are usually better at cracking armor. Switch to the heavy weapon and bash away until you can get to the squishy bits underneath all that armor.


Invest in Crafting

Greedfall 3

Crafting is one of the more important aspects of GreedFall and you will do well to put some points into this. There are two main talents that are used in crafting and which one you should focus on largely depends on what type of character you are playing as. Science lets you craft ammunition and a selection of potions while the Craftmanship talent lets you make better weapons and armor upgrades. Both talents often offer alternate ways of completing quests like being able to repair something or brewing sleeping potions to drug guards with. If you are a ranged focused character, being able to make bullets out in the field will also prove to be handy.


Look for Campsites

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Campsites are nifty things in GreedFall and once set up you gain access to a bunch of useful things. For starters, you can pass time there if you are waiting for nightfall or dawn, and it lets you arrange your party. It also comes installed with a workbench so you can go ahead and upgrade the gear and weapons you have acquired in the field. The best feature though is undoubtedly fast travel. Once a campsite is built, it will allow you to travel to and from that campsite, making it that much easier to turn in quests or shop for supplies.


Don’t Kick the Hornet’s Nest

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Factions and characters have their likes and dislikes in GreedFall. When meeting up with certain factions and characters, take a moment to think about who is in your party. After all, bringing someone’s enemy to a meeting might not go over all that well. For instance, one early sidequest is to visit the governor of The Bridge Alliance, who are at war with the Native clans. Bringing a Native character to this meeting might not go over that well. On the other hand, sometimes friction can lead to new and interesting developments.


Time Your Shots

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Muskets and guns in GreedFall tend to pack a real punch, use this to your advantage when facing charging enemies. Hitting enemies with bullets will usually do a good deal of armor damage and might even make them unbalanced. Time the shots to when they are charging, however, and you boost this effect. Shooting a charging target will most likely stagger it and often make it fall down. Learn this rhythm and your firearm will make encounters a lot easier to deal with (especially when upgraded).


Talk to Your Companions

Talk to companions

Much like BioWare games of yore, your companions are important parts of the story in GreedFall. As you set out for long travels, you will often make camp along the way, use this time to speak with your companions and resolve any issues they have. This will increase your standing with your party members and also let you access some interesting sidequests and storylines.


Don’t Forget to Pause

Greefall pause

While GreedFall is fully playable as a real-time action RPG, pausing the action has some advantages. While paused, you are able to issue commands at a more leisurely pace and you can survey the battlefield more easily. The most important aspect of it though is that it grants you full access to your inventory and skills while paused. This will let you drink special potions and buffs to take on tougher enemies. While in the pause menu, you can also bind your quick buttons for skills and items.

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