It Looks Like God of War Is Coming Out in 2018

Christopher Judge, who plays Kratos, seems to have confirmed that God of War will be out in 2018, not this year as hoped.


We regularly publish coverage about upcoming games here at Cultured Vultures, but we’ve been reticent to nail down God of War as coming out this year in any of our listicles, videos, or what have you. The same goes with The Last of Us 2, the other massive PS4 exclusive.

Well, judging by Twitter information from the new voice of Kratos, Christopher Judge, we might have been right to wary. His bio reads the following:

“Father, husband of @giajudge, actor, voice artist, producer, writer, golfer. KRATOS – GOD OF WAR (2018) / TEAL’C – STARGATE SG-1 ~ IG: iamchrisjudge”

god of war release date

After it was spotted by fans, game director Cory Barlog (who is just one letter off from having the best surname ever) seemed to confirm that God of War would not be ready this year:

This is probably for the best. Not only do we not need another AAA game that’s been rushed to release to be fixed later, but God of War would be up against some fierce competition if it did come out this year. It could only have realistically been released in Q4 2017, a period which is usually dominated by annual franchise updates, such as FIFA and Call of Duty. Titanfall 2 learned this the hard way last year.

Christopher Judge will play a less bloodthirsty version of Kratos in the new game, though he will almost definitely still the heads off of mystical beasts. Joined by his son, Kratos has left Greek mythology behind to jump into a Norse world instead. It doesn’t look much like God of War of old, either, so it will be fascinating to see how it turns out.

Here’s what we want to see from the new God of War and everything why we’re excited for it.


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