God And Monsters’ Name Was Changed Due To Legal Action

Thanks, Monster Energy.

Fenyx Rising

If, like the majority of the gaming community is seems, were a little bit confused as to why Ubisoft have changed the name of Gods and Monsters to the infinitely worse Immortals Fenyx Rising, the reason for the change has seemingly be revealed: copyright law. Yay, isn’t that fun?

It was reported in the above Hoeg Law video, which built off a tip from TechRaptor, that Monster Energy filed an opposition to the Gods and Monsters trademark back in April, stating that the game’s existence would cause confusion with Monster trademark, pointing to how Monster Energy is used in games like Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Video Game. Ubisoft replied, pointing to the hundreds of live trademark examples that contain the word Monster, but Ubisoft essentially decided to rename the game instead of going through with a lengthy legal battle.

Hoeg does that state in the above video that it would be likely that Ubisoft likely would have won the case had it gotten far enough, but that it would been a long, drawn out and expensive affair that Ubisoft didn’t have guarantees of winning. In those instances, sometimes it’s better to retreat, regroup and come up with another plan. Still, just wish they found a better name.

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