Ghostwire: Tokyo: How To Change Difficulty

Ghostwire difficulty
Ghostwire difficulty

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a game with some hectic action and plenty of different ways of approaching its challenges. For those that want a slightly different experience, you may want to change the difficulty.

To change the difficulty in Ghostwire: Tokyo, go to Options > Game and then swap between the following options under Difficulty:

– Easy
– Normal
– Hard

There is no ultra hard mode like Akumu in The Evil Within for Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Players who play a lot of FPS games may want to increase the difficulty to hard, as it’s not too taxing when played on normal difficulty. Hard difficulty also makes you make the most of your talismans and play more methodically as the enemies hit a lot harder.

All that said, play any difficulty you like. Want to play on easy? That’s completely fine. You paid your money.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on PC and PS5.

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