Gears 5 Release Date & Box Art Reportedly Leaked

September 10th, everybody (potentially).

Gears 5

If a new rumour is to be believed, the annual end of year gaming blitzkrieg could be started by Microsoft and The Coalition, as the release date for Gears 5 might have been leaked.

According to Generacion Xbox (website is translated from Spanish), Gears 5 could be launching as soon as September 10th, with the release date appearing on the Taiwanese Ratings Board website (the release date has disappeared now though). Given how October and November tend to be packed with releases, aiming for an earlier release makes a lot of sense. Gearbox are following this formula themselves, as they’re launching Borderlands 3 on September 13th.

The ratings board also posted what appears to be the official box art for Gears 5, which features Kait Diaz front and center, along with the return of the Locust Queen Myrrah. Considering that Gears 4 ended with the reveals that the Diaz family is somehow related to the Locusts, seeing Myrrah’s return only makes sense.

With E3 practically around the corner, that seems like the perfect time to officially reveal the release date of Gears 5. Are you excited for the next instalment of the long-running series? Sound off in the comments.

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