Funko Announce Giant Bulbasaur Pop! Vinyl Figure

About as close to a real life Bulbasaur as you can get.

Source: Pokemon Wikia

If you have some shelf space that you’re looking to fill, you might be pleased to learn that Funko have just announced a super-sized version of their previously released Bulbasaur Pop! Vinyl figure. Whereas most Funko figures stand at 3.75 inches, this colossal Bulbasaur variant will be measured at an incredible 10 inches, making almost the same size as a real life Bulbasaur (except obviously, they’re not real).

If you want to add this gigantic figure to your collection, it will be sold exclusively in Target next month. It’s also going to sell out very quickly, so don’t waste any time getting your hands on it. Especially since the Detective Pikachu movie comes also out next month, so Pokémon is going to be on everyone’s minds for the foreseeable future.

The announcement of this giant sized Bulbasaur figure would have been unfathomable a few years ago, as an executive from Funko previously likened obtaining the license to Nintendo franchises to hunting the “White Whale”. However, Funko’s Pikachu Vinyl from last year proved to be such a hit that they have been churning out a steady supply of Pokémon figures in the months since.

There’s currently no word on whether they will ever be able to release figures based on other Nintendo characters, but let’s face it, we’re all holding our breath for a Mario Pop! Vinyl. For now, however, let’s just be thankful that Nintendo have finally seen the light and are allowing Funko to produce these stunning Pokémon collectibles.

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