Fortnite’s Tilted Towers & Retail Row Are Getting Destroyed


Retail Row shops

One of the longest running jokes in Fortnite (excluding the soccer skins) is the inevitability of Tilted Towers being destroyed by some wild event. If you can remember that far back, the meteor event was rumoured to destroy Tilted, and the rocket event looked for just a split second like it was going to be the end of the hugely polarising deathzone. Now it looks like it’s really happening.

Compiled together by assets found in the files by leaker Fort Tory, we have a video of what looks like the remains of Tilted after the upcoming volcano event, which should happen once the Loot Lake UFO finishes its thing.

Quite mad to see it in this state, but it might be for the best to make the game feel fresh. It’s exhausting to see so many players go to Tilted to die because they could only one find one grey pistol. It’s also weird to see 70% of players dying after the first circle, so here’s hoping the destruction of Tilted will go some way towards making that happen less.

But that’s not all: Retail Row is also endangered. This one hurts a lot as Retail has been my favourite landing spot since almost day one; it definitely doesn’t deserve this.

Breaks your heart to see it, especially when nonsense like Salty Springs and its one gun to share between fifteen people is left untouched.

The cause? This meteor spewed out of the volcano.

This may be part of a new event that will also see the return of Fortnite’s weird limbo butterflies. The same leaker has found that the old butterfly event files had been updated and that there is also a tunnel under Loot Lake.

What this all means is anyone’s guess, but you can expect Fortnite to be very interesting for the next few weeks, especially with the Avengers LTM and Overtime challenges to potentially consider.

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