Fortnite: Where To Find Trail Thrashers


Trail Thrashers are the latest new vehicle to be added to Fortnite in Chapter 4 – Season 1 to help players traverse the map quickly and efficiently. Finding these dirt bikes across the new battle royale map is easier than you’d think. Fortnite has played host to multiple methods of transport during its timeline including rideable UFOs, planes, gliders and even shopping trolleys. Here’s where to find the new addition, the Trail Thrasher dirt bikes.

There are no specific regions with a guaranteed chance of finding Trail Thrashers, but the most efficient way so far seems to be rifling through Gas Stations, of which only three remain, garages and locked automobile-related buildings. Those located in grassy or dusty regions seem to have a higher chance of hiding a Trail Thrasher for players to find.

There aren’t a huge amount of them littered about the new island, so finding one of them could give you a huge advantage over other players and a better chance of survival. Trail Thrashers will not spawn in the same location every time, so you’ll need to search in each new instance before finding one.


However, remember that dirt bikes are noisy things so if you’re attempting to play stealthily and stay hidden until the surviving player numbers begin to dwindle, you might be better off leaving that Trail Thrasher in the garage.

The dirt bikes are easy to use and follow the normal control rules of transport methods in the game. Walk over to a Trail Thrasher and interact with it to mount it. The Trail Thrashers are capable of skidding around tight corners and charging jumps to soar over obstacles that other vehicles would usually crash into. Players can shoot whilst dodging bullets using the Trail Thrasher’s high speed to their advantage too. Combined with being able to do backflips, these dirt bikes are an exceptionally fun way of traversing the island.

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