Fortnite v14.10 Map Changes Swaps Frenzy Farm For Stark Industries (UPDATED)

A frenzied switch.

You really, really shouldn’t have expected Epic to leave the Fortnite map the same throughout the course of Season 4. While day one of the new season didn’t bring about many map changes, the v14.10 update has swapped out Frenzy Farm for Stark Industries, a new Marvel POI.

This info comes from FunGamesLeaks, who have had an early look at the game’s files. As you can tell, Stark Industries absolutely dominates the map in what looks like its very own Rift Zone.

Fortnite v14.10 Map
Fortnite v14.10 Map

While this map change was already disclosed in the patch notes, we didn’t expect the change to be this significant. Stark Industries actually takes up so many grid quadrants that it’s hard to know where it begins and where it ends. This goes some way towards explaining why the file size is so large for this update as well.

Frenzy Farm being gone might be bad news for some players, it being one of the most popular landing spots due to how large it is and how it’s usually near the bus route. Much like Anarchy Acres before it, though, it doesn’t seem like Epic have much love for farms in Fortnite.

As for what all that red and yellow entails in the new map, they could be Stark drones, but that’s a heck of a lot of drones for one area. Judging from an early look at it in-game, the reality is far less exciting than that.

They’re just trees:

As for what else we can gleam from the image above, Stark Industries is elevated above the ground (for some reason) and also has a sizeable amount of its mass dedicated to water. There are a few houses on the island as well as the main Stark POI itself.

Here are a couple more glimpses at the new POI, which will have its very own Iron Man vault and boss key.

Stark Industries Fortnite

Stark Industries Fortnite

Is this the start of Season 4 looking progressively more and more like Season X? We’ve already seen a lot of the Island be adopted by Marvel, including Ant-Man and Black Panther locations, so don’t be surprised to discover even more superhero stuff popping up as the season goes on.

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