Fortnite v13.20 Leaked Skins & Emotes: Captain America, Dad Bod Jonesy, Starflare & More

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Infinity War Captain America
Credit: Disney/Marvel

We’ve skipped a whole update and are now on Fortnite v13.20, but that doesn’t mean that Epic won’t be giving us loads of new cosmetics in the form of skins, emotes, and more. This is a pretty beefy update overall with plenty to get through.

Here’s the full list of skins found with the v13.20 update:

– Captain America
– Darkheart
– Starflare
– Rally Raider
– Dad Bod Jonesy
– Bryce 3000
– Safari
– Cozy Chomps
– Comfy Chomps
– Surf Witch
– Kyra
– Lada
– Par Patroller

And here’s what they all look like, apart from the “big” one, courtesy of Lucas7yoshi.

Fortnite v13.20 leaked skins
Fortnite v13.20 leaked skins

Note that Loserfruit has already been released.

Here’s those other cosmetics as well, which again seem to tie in to the summer theme.

Fortnite 14 Days of Summer cosmetics
Fortnite 14 Days of Summer cosmetics

And all those emotes in action.

It seems like 14 Days of Summer will be returning to Fortnite based on these skins, which have a definite summery vibe. Well, apart from Darkheart, but that seems to be a recolour of a skin we’re all very familiar with.

Dad Bod Jonesy is the obvious standout, him basically looking like Thor from Avengers: Endgame. There’s also Bryce 3000, who looks like an obnoxious android of some kind, and the Chomps twins, who look like sharks made out of toilet paper.

As for Captain America, we don’t have a glimpse at the skin just yet, but it will be landing on July 4th to celebrate Independence Day for the USA.

This wouldn’t be a surprise at all, especially considering how close Epic seem to be with Marvel these days. We’ve already had Star Lord, Deadpool, and others released as skins, so Captain America seems like the next logical step. As long as they avoid the super beefy caricature that some of his modern comic interpretations have gone for, he should be a very neat skin.

What will be interesting with the Captain America skin, though, is if he looks like his muted Avengers version, or the iconic red, white, and blue costume. He may even look like both with different styles.

As always when it comes to leaked skins in Fortnite, them being found in the game’s files does not necessarily mean that they will be released. These skins will mostly be released during the two-week cycle before the next patch, but it’s often been the case that they never arrive at all.

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