Fortnite V11.01 Leaked Halloween Skins: Skull Trooper, Ghoul Trooper & More (UPDATED)

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The first post launch for Fortnite: Chapter 2 has brought with it a tonne of leaked skins for Halloween, which you should start to see rolling out over the next week in the run up to Halloween. As well as some brand new skins, it looks like we might be seeing some older and beloved skins making a comeback, too.

Dataminers have wasted no time in finding the likes of Skull Trooper in the files with new variants, but it looks like Ghoul Trooper will be getting a new variant as well, adding to the belief that she will be making a return this Halloween.

Here are all of the Fortnite V11.01 leaked skins and cosmetics so far, courtesy of PXLPAT_YT.


Fortnite V11.01 Leaked Skins & Cosmetics

First up is the Ghoul Trooper, which will be getting a new white-haired variant for Halloween.

Ghoul Trooper Season 11

Here’s a closer look at what looks like another style for Ghoul Trooper.

Ghoul trooper 2

A new style for Brainiac.


Even Raptor, one of the oldest and meme-iest skins in Fortnite, is getting a new style.

Raptor Halloween skin

It also appears as if Epic are going overboard with the new skins this year with the leaked skins already looking much more numerous than in 2018. We’ll add names to the below when we get them.

Chaos Agent

The following are courtesy of Hypex and Kleinmike.

Dark Rex
Dark tricera Ops
Big Mouth

Here’s a video of all of the leaked skins in action.

Bear in mind that just because a skin has leaked, it doesn’t mean that it will end up in the game any time soon, or that it will actually end up in the game at all. There have been plenty of leaked skins in the past that just haven’t turned up for one reason or another.

Which is your favourite leaked skin?

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