Fortnite: Who Is The Foundation?

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Fortnite The Foundation

First glimpsed in the Zero Crisis Finale, The Foundation is the leader of The Seven, the shadowy group in Fortnite who are intrinsically linked to the Fortnite island’s Zero Point.

The Foundation is shown to have extraordinary powers, capable of creating The Spire to house the Zero Point and flying through the air. He also seems to know a lot about the Zero Point, including how it operates.

But who is The Foundation, and what does he mean for the future of Fortnite?


The Foundation & The Seven

The Visitor
The Visitor

The Foundation joins The Visitor, The Scientist, and The Paradigm as the revealed members of The Seven, meaning that there are three members still unaccounted for. These may yet be revealed as “the sisters”, who Agent Jones makes reference to in the aforementioned event, and Genō, who is theorised to be the beginning and ending of everything, including The Foundation.

The Seven’s intentions are unclear, though based on The Foundation’s actions in the Season 6 event to prevent all of reality from collapsing, it seems as if they are the good guys after all. Even though they rocketed the Zero Point in Season X, this may have been their only option to save the island and everyone on it, along with the wider metaverse.


The Foundation & Agent Jones

The Foundation Agent Jones
The Foundation Agent Jones

Agent Jones and The Foundation have prior history, which is hinted at in the Zero Crisis event when Jones says, “Look, I know you have no reason to trust me,” and the fact that The Foundation attacks Jones before he mentions the sisters and Genō. The pair are allied from then on, Agent Jones betraying IO (The Seven’s enemies) in the process.

They both seem familiar with each other before the events of Season 6, due to Jones being a part of the Imagined Order (IO) and The Foundation being the leader of The Seven. Their previous meetings will probably be explained as the events of Chapter 2 continue, but they find themselves as allies at the start of Season 6 in order to stabilise the almost cataclysmic Zero Point.


The Foundation and…The Bible?

If you read between the lines, there are some things about Season 6 that appear to be biblical, it referencing a verse in the Bible.

No, really.

John 3:16 appears to be referenced in Season 6, not only because Agent Jones’ first name is John, but also because of the start date of the season: 03.16.2021.

Here’s the verse in question:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

This is a verse all about sacrifice and belief, with God giving Earth Jesus, his only son who was later sacrificed. It’s the most famous biblical verse and has been referenced often in pop culture.

While not an exact translation into Fortnite, The Foundation does appear from above and sacrifice himself for the greater good, not unlike Jesus. His name, The Foundation, also hints at him being the start of everything, just like God. As for everlasting life, everyone on the Fortnite island is looped, seemingly doomed to repeat the same 22 minutes over and over again.

At the end of Zero Crisis’ cinematic trailer, a brief shot even shows some people in a different reality worshipping the Zero Point.

Zero Point Reality Fortnite
Zero Point Reality Fortnite

Who are those people? Which reality is that?


The Foundation Skin

The Foundation is currently within the game’s files, so it’s almost certain that he will be released at some point as a skin. However, he does not have a featured image, meaning that he cannot technically release into the Item Shop as of the start of Season 6.

He will almost certainly be a big player in Fortnite going forward however, especially as it seems that he will be the focus of a new Hasbro Victory Royale Series of toys.

Due to be revealed from March 26th, the figure line could give us a closer look at The Foundation, as well as other members of The Seven.


Is The Foundation Portrayed By The Rock?

It seems that The Foundation is portrayed by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, ex-wrestler turned most famous action star in the world.

While his voice is very modulated with tonnes of editing to try and mask the actor, The Foundation’s cadence during the event is very similarly to that of The Rock, eerily so.

On top of that, The Foundation has patchwork on the left of his chest exactly where The Rock’s famous Samoan tattoos are. The “vent” lines up perfectly with a spot on The Rock’s chest where there is a face, and the voice files are listed under “DJ”, which could mean Dwayne Johnson.

Finally, The Rock has even been hinting at a collaboration over on his Instagram, posting a video with “the foundation” as the caption. He has recently even been very active promoting Xbox and his own energy drink called Zoa, so he’s on a bit of a gaming kick.

There’s also the names: The Rock and The Foundation both sound like groundwork for something. Here’s hoping the character isn’t actually The Rock underneath all of the armour and is instead just a character voiced by him.


Where Is The Foundation Now?

Fortnite Season 6 Primal Battle Pass
Fortnite Season 6 Primal Battle Pass

The Foundation is currently within the Zero Point, having sacrificed himself during the event. Showing unnatural control over the island, The Foundation was able to conjure The Spire from the ground, encasing himself with the Zero Point at its summit to neutralise its reality-ending threat. But he won’t be there forever — and neither will the Zero Point.

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