Fortnite’s Steve The Sphere Has A Bit of Kevin The Cube, Season 8 Hint?

Fortnite's doing the weird thing again.

Fortnite Steve Sphere
Credit: @FNBRHQ

First there was Kevin the Cube, and now we have Steve the Sphere in Fortnite. With Season 7 slowly wrapping up, Epic have begun teasing what to expect from Season 8 with what is almost definitely going to be some kind of event.

With the introduction of the v7.20 patch, some changes have been introduced to the Fortnite map, which include that infamous building in Tilted Towers finally being fully reconstructed, a diner finally getting a name, and most importantly, a gigantic sphere which is currently circling over Polar Peak.

The parallels between this and the recent cube are obvious, though Steve (christened so widely on Twitter, though there is a debate over whether it’s called Steve or Karen but Steve just makes phonetic sense) has not started moving or doing much since it was added to the game. There was also an ice cube with millions of HP that shattered to reveal a new bunker similar to the infamous one in Wailing Woods.

It’s a mysery what this means, though it may have something to do with other leaks of the Week 7 and 8 Loading Screens for Season 7 in which the Ice King, the Tier 100 skin from the Battle Pass, is seen looking a little bit like he’s up to no good.

All of this points towards a huge hint for Fortnite Season 8, but it may actually be something more akin to the Fortnitemares event that took place in the middle of Season 7. Based on the Fortnite canon (if such a thing actually exists), Sgt. Winter is besieging the Fortnite island, which may mean that the Ice King is defending his land as part of some LTM or event. Similarly, the Ice King could be doing something with those dragon eggs found at the bottom of the Polar Peak castle.

The clearest indication of what we can expect, however, comes from a leak of the “Ice Storm challenges”, which asks players to destroy the Ice Legion with variants sounding very similar to the Fortnitemares event.

That grew old very quickly and really distracted from normal play, so here’s hoping “Icemares” is just an LTM.

Or, alternatively, it could be something that nobody has guessed before. Worst case scenario, the Ice King turns the whole Fortnite map into his icy domain. Best case scenario, the Ice King completely obliterates the Fortnite map and returns it to the simpler times — there’s just way too much going on.

UPDATE: it looks like the Ice King is now encased inside Steve the Sphere with what looks like a piece of Kevin the Cube in his hands. Interesting.

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