Fortnite Season X Storm Racers: Dance At Different Telescopes

I see you.

Fortnite telescope

Week 8 of Season X has arrived and with it comes the ‘Storm Racers’ mission. As you may expect from the name, this mission features challenges that focus on being speedy and the storm. This particular guide focuses on the seventh (7th) and fourteenth (14th) challenges in the mission: ‘Dance At Different Telescopes’ and ‘Dance at Different Telescopes in a single match’.

This means you’ll need to complete at least four challenges in the normal set to access the normal mode telescope challenge and all of the normal mode challenges plus four prestige challenges to access the prestige telescope challenge. For the normal mode challenge, you’ll need to dance at three telescopes, over as many matches as you like. For the prestige challenge, you need to dance at two in a single match.

Below is a map with all the telescopes we could find circled.


Fortnite Season X Telescope Locations

Fortnite telescope locations

The colour coding doesn’t mean anything here, the Moisty Palms telescope is only in blue so it’s a little easier to see against the orange desert background. As you can see, two of the telescopes are fairly close to each other, these are the two you should ideally focus on for the prestige challenge. Longer runs, means more time exposed, more time exposed means more chance of catching a bullet.


Dusty Depot

This telescope is probably the most well known and is directly west of Dusty Depot. There is a multi-layered hill and the telescope sits atop the highest layer, next to a chair an Esky (ice box). It’s situated in F5 on the main map’s grid.


Moisty Palms

This telescope is southwest of Moisty Palms atop a mesa. Since there are many mesas in the Fortnite desert, it the mesa directly north of the small unnamed village, east of the Truck ‘N’ Oasis truck stop. It occupies H9 on the main map’s grid.


Shifty Shafts/Salty Springs

Fortnite telescope

The third telescope is close to the first and is located southeast of Shifty Shafts across the river, or southwest of Salty Springs. It is located atop a snowy hill just east of the river. It is located at E7 on the main map’s grid.

Just make sure you dance at the telescopes when you visit them, or you’ll find yourself having to revisit them.


Video Guide

Completing all seven normal challenges will reward you with the Epic backbling ‘Gameplan’, a homage to the original 90s Game Boy.

Completing all seven prestige challenges rewards you with a blue recolour of the Gameplan, the ‘Cerulean Style’ recolour for the ‘Eternal Voyager’ skin, a blue recolour for the ‘Pixel Pilot’ glider and a blue recolour for the ‘Cosmic Cleavers’ pickaxe.

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