Fortnite Season X Storm Racers: Complete A Time Trial East Of Pleasant Park Or South West Of Salty Springs

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Fortnite Season 9

Season X, Week 8 has arrived and with it comes the ‘Storm Racers’ mission. This mission is focused on storm and mobility related challenges. This article focuses on the sixth challenge in the mission: ‘Complete A Time Trial East Of Pleasant Park Or South West Of Salty Springs’. Because this is the sixth challenge in the set, you’ll need to complete three normal mode challenges first to access it.

Below is a map with both time trial locations circled in red.


Time Trial Locations

Fortnite Time Trials

Both time trial locations are circled in red and are in the general area you’d expect from the description of the challenge.


East Of Pleasant Park

Fortnite time trials 1

This time trial is located east of Pleasant Park, near some parked vehicles, which also spawns Driftboards next to them. It occupies D3 on the main map’s grid.


Southwest Of Salty Springs

Fortnite time trials 2

You’ll find this time trial southwest of Salty Springs, on the border of grassland and snow, below the hill with a telescope atop it. E7 on the main map’s grid.

Unlike most challenges, narrowing down their exact location isn’t the difficult part, completing the time trial is the trickier of the two. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of advice here, just make sure you can handle a Driftboard well enough. Remember you only need to complete one of the two on offer, so if you’re struggling with one, it might be a good idea to check out your other option.

Completing all normal mode challenges reward the ‘Gameplan’ backbling, which is a simulacrum of the original 90s Game Boy.

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