Fortnite Season X Overtime: Greasy Grove & Moisty Palms Visitor Recording Locations

It's taco time.


With the days dwindling away until we can all say an overdue goodbye to the less than amazing Fortnite Season X, Epic have provided us with some Overtime challenges, the brunt of which focus around finding Visitor recordings in particular spots. This time out, you’re asked to track them down in Greasy Grove and Moisty Palms.

This challenge is unique in that you must collect physical tapes out on the Fortnite map, which will then play back monologues from The Visitor, hinting at their plans for the island. Two have already been revealed on the Floating Island and Retail Row. The big event on Sunday is sure to bring some huge changes to the game, and it looks like The Visitor is heavily involved with it. His rocket has been rebuilt at Dusty, so who knows what’s going to go down.

Here are the Greasy Grove and Moisty Palms Visitor recording locations for Fortnite Season X Overtime.


Greasy Grove & Moisty Palms Visitor Recording Locations Map

greasy Grove Moisty Palms

As you can see, Greasy lies in the east of the map and Moisty Palms is in the west. Both of these spots count as Rift Zones, the new addition to Season X, so you may be able to tick off some other challenges while you complete this one.


Greasy Grove Visitor Recording Location

Greasy grove visitor recording

Greasy Grove Visitor recording

The Greasy Grove Visitor recording is located in the most memorable spot, the taco fast food joint. Find it on a table right by the bathrooms. Beware that Taco Time is a nuisance and may make you dance and be unable to temporarily pick up the tape. Won’t miss that in Season 11. B7 on the Fortnite grid.


Moisty Palms Visitor Recording Location

Moisty Palms visitor recording

The Moisty Palms Visitor recording resides on the very top of the most prominent location: the hotel. Simply glide on top of the hotel, and you should see the cassette tape on a little wall on the roof. Interact with it to hear the monologue. I8 on the Fortnite grid.


Greasy Grove & Moisty Palms Visitor Recording Locations Video Guide

There will be one more challenge in this vein that will release tomorrow. You can complete other additional, less interesting challenges during Overtime to unlock special skins for the Season X Battle Pass skins.

All signs are pointing towards the event being a pretty damn huge one for Fortnite, with many speculating that The Visitor will destroy the Forntite island and transport players to somewhere brand new.

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