Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte #41: Accessible By Using Tomatohead Emoticon Inside The Durr Burger Restaurant

When two become one.

Season 9’s Fortbyte system holds strong, releasing a single challenge each day, often more involved than a typical weekly challenge that encourage players to login regularly (and see their Epic’s offerings of course). More specifically, the Fortbyte system is an interesting blend of regular weekly challenges mixed with a ‘collectibles’ style scavenger hunt. There are 100 Fortbytes in total and one is released every 24 hours. Each Fortbyte has instructions on where and how you can find it, but some are a bit more difficult to track down that others.

This article is focused on Fortbyte #41, which requires the Battle Pass to complete.


Fortbyte #41 (Accessible By Using Tomatohead Emoticon Inside The DurrrBurger Restaurant) Location

Neo Tilted

The Durr Burger restaurant is found in Neo Tilted. It replaced the old ‘Trump Tower’ as the biggest and most central feature of Tilted Towers. You can identify the Durr Burger restaurant by the giant holographic Durr Burger mascot situated at its peak. Durr Burger is located on the intersection of D5 and D6 on the main map’s grid.


Fortbyte #41 Location

Durr Burger Fortbytes

Fortbyte #41 is located on the ground floor of Durr Burger. If you enter from the south entrance and turn left, you’ll be in the kitchen. The Fortbyte is located in the northwestern corner of this kitchen. It is relatively easy to spot from the ground floor. Once you’ve located the Fortbyte you need to use the Tomatohead emoticon to make it accessible. You will require not only the Battle Pass, but also tier 3 of the Battle Pass to access the Tomatohead emoticon.


Fortbyte #41 Video Guide

Fortbyte #41 uses up the last of the ‘easily accessible’ Battle Pass tier rewards. Put differently, all the rewards in the earlier tiers (first page specifically) have now all been allocated to specific Fortbytes. This means players will need to keep their Battle Pass progression somewhat up-to-date to access future Fortbytes.

We have a masterlist of all the Fortbytes released to date, with accompanying guides for each one where applicable to help you sort through them all.

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