Fortnite Season 7 Guide: Shooting Galleries Locations & Tips

The Fortnite Shooting Galleries are back as Season 7 draws to a close.

Week 10 (the final week) of Season 7 is upon us and to send the season off Epic decided to bring back the ‘Shooting Gallery’ style of challenge that usually gets a run once per season. This challenge functions identically to all previous incarnations of it, but in the multi-stage format. Interestingly, Epic seems keen to make the final week of challenges a little bit easier to complete than usual and included general locations of each Shooting Gallery, which is a first for Epic, as finding the challenges was usually considering the more time-consuming part.

You’ll need to stand on a metal plate – it’ll have two shoes painted on it, letting you know to stand on it to begin – which will trigger the targets (traditional bullseye looking targets) to pop up two at a time. You need to shoot both of these targets before they both retract. If one retracts before you successfully hit them, the ‘round will end’ and your final score will be shown on the scoreboard.

You’re awarded a single point for each target you destroy and each set (two targets at a time), will pop up and retract quicker the further you get in to the challenge. Five points is ultimately considered quite early on in the challenge and with the right weapon most people shouldn’t struggle to reach the required five.

This is a multi-stage challenge and as such, only one stage can be completed per match. The order of stages goes Wailing Woods > Retail Row > Paradise Palms. Each stage also gets progressively more difficult by virtue of distance from the targets, requiring more precision from the player, but the score required never goes above – or below – five points. As per usual, we’ve included our usual map of all the locations, with the starting points of each gallery circled in red. The purple circle indicates Paradise Palms, targets as they’re quite a distance away and difficult to spot if you’re not looking out into the distance.


Fortnite Shooting Gallery Locations Map

Fortnite shooting galleries

All the Shooting Galleries are conveniently located on the east coast of the map (Retail’s being slightly more inland). So while you have a general idea of where you’ll be landing each game, you still can only do one per match on account of the challenge being a multi-stage one.


Wailing Woods Shooting Gallery Location

Fortnite Shooting Galleries

You’ll find this particular Shooting Gallery directly east of Wailing Woods. Right near the cliff face that overlooks the ocean, there is a loan tree surrounded by rocks. The Shooting Gallery is located here, at J3 on the main map’s grid.

This particular gallery is focused on close ranged weapons, so if you’re not too confident in your aim, bring an SMG, Shotgun or Assault Rifle and go to town.


Retail Row Shooting Gallery Location

Fortnite Shooting Galleries

In the valley just north of Retail Row is a small forest and campsite. You’ll find the Shooting Gallery in the thick of this forest. Located at H5 on the main map’s grid.

This gallery is all about medium ranged weapons. The weapons from prior (even shotguns) should work sufficiently for this challenge, you’ll just need to be a little bit more deliberate and precise. Rather than mowing down all the targets.


Paradise Palms Shooting Gallery Location

Paradise Palms Shooting Gallery

This Shooting Gallery is located east (slightly northeast) or Paradise Palms, just north of the small unnamed house/farm nearby. The trigger to begin the Shooting Gallery is found right on the edge of the cliff face on the intersecting point of I7, I8, J7 and J8 on the main map’s grid. The targets spawn further northeast across the chasm on a small piece of terrain jutting out from the cliff face directly opposite.

As you may guess from how this gallery is set-up, you’ll require longer ranged weapons to get a score of five or more. Scoped weapons are of course optimal, but if you’re precise with SMGs or Assault Rifles, using their perfect first-shot  accuracy (as damage isn’t important here) is also a good strategy, if not a better one.

That’s basically it for this challenge and Season 7 in general. The rest of the challenges are very simple and quick, keeping inline with the idea that this week’s challenges need to be relatively simple so players can get them done before Season 8 drops. We have the Week 10 Battle Pass challenges for those still interested in having a look. We’re aiming to cover the Season 8 changes as well, so keep a lookout for that when it drops.

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