Second Fortnite: Season 6 Teaser Promises The Seven’s Return

What's going on here then?

Fortnite Season 6
Fortnite Season 6

Ahead of the launch of Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 6, Epic have shared another new teaser for the upcoming season that seems to almost definitively confirm that The Seven will be making a return.

The forty second clip revolves around Agent Jones requesting access to files on The Seven from The Order, the organisation he belongs to. After his request is denied, he vows to get the files for himself.

What this means is anybody’s guess, but it appears as if Jones has been ousted from the Order following the events of Season 5 and the upcoming event to kickstart Season 6. Jones is trying to save Reality, but judging from this log, not even all of the hunters could help.

It seems that the classic Jonesy look may return in the upcoming season, judging from the fact that Agent Jones has been looking more and more ragged as time has gone on, as well as all of the little hints with these little teasers which show the various stages of Jonesy.

For those not in the know, The Seven were the group behind the Black Hole seen at the end of Chapter 1, in which the Zero Point imploded, causing the map to change forever. But it seems they didn’t finish the job.


What Else Is Going On In Fortnite: Season 6?

We’ve already seen that Neymar is almost certainly going to be involved in some way, whether as a Battle Pass or Item Shop skin. Everything is pretty much up in the air, including what the main plot is going to be. We don’t have long to wait, though.


When Does Fortnite: Season 6 Begin?

Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 6 will kick off on Tuesday, March 16th. Players should expect a few hours of downtime to conclude Season 5, then the event, then the start of Season 6 proper.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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