Fortnite Season 6 Release Date Revealed

With season 5 wrapping up, arguably the most controversial since the game began, many eyes are going towards Fortnite season 6 to see what Epic deliver next. After plenty of speculation and rampant YouTube clickbait, we now have the release date.

Fortnite season 6 will launch on September 27th, as confirmed by Epic in the tweet below:

Anyone who’s yet to snag all their Fortnite season 5 Battle Pass goodies will benefit from 4x the amount of XP, meaning that everyone will be able to level up to maximum Ragnarok in no time. However, Epic have previously stated that you will be able to unlock the different styles of both of the season 5 Battle Pass “marquee” skins, Drift and Ragnarok, outside of the season.


The theme of the season is up in the air with some wild theories flying around about a dark world version of regular Fortnite to coincide with Halloween. However, seeing as how nothing has been confirmed yet and the marketing machine has yet to really get going for season 6 from Epic, maybe just hold fire.

That cube did some interesting things, though. Our theory, everything will become cube-shaped, making Fortnite resemble that Minecraft BR mod and then the whole thing will have come circle. Epic, noticing the Frankenstein’s Monster they have created, will put it out of its misery with a Burst Rifle but miss every shot thanks to bloom.

This season is going to be the most testing time of Fortnite’s claim to throne, especially with the release of Black Ops 4’s Blackout in the midst of it and a restless fanbase to contend with. The re-release of Skull Trooper will probably shut them up a bit, mind.

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