Fortnite Season 6 Guide: Week 1 Battle Pass Challenges Walkthrough

Fortnite Loot Lake

Season 6 of Fortnite has arrived after a one week hiatus of no challenges and with it brings the classic slew of map changes. Epic seems happy with the Battle Pass system changes they introduced in season 5; opting to keep the split between three free challenges and four ‘premium’ Battle Pass challenges. These challenges still require the usual 950 V-buck investment to access. Epic has also upped the amount of ‘Blockbuster/Road Trip’ challenges from seven per season to ten and renamed them ‘Hunting Party’ challenges. Finally, Epic has seen it fit for you to be able to finish off some of the season’s previous unlockables. I am still capable of finishing the Drift challenge from last season by gaining XP  this season.

The challenges this week are a fairly straightforward and this is one of the first weeks in a very long without a treasure hunt style challenge (probably because there is already so much to discover with the new season). Epic has also eschewed the more classic formula of always having a chest search challenge, a weapon damage challenge and a weapon kill challenge, spicing things up with some more unique ‘wildcard’ style challenges. Without further ado, we present the first weekly challenges for Season 6.


Fortnite Season 6 Guide: Week 1 Challenges – Free Tiers

Fortnite Shadow Stones

Pick up a Legendary Item in different matches (3 Legendary Items)
This challenge asks you to find three orange/golden quality items over three separate matches. It must be over different matches, as the game only counts one Legendary Item per match (i.e. you can’t collect three in a single match). This won’t take as long as it looks, it can be any Legendary Item, including consumables, you’ll naturally stumble upon these on both the bodies of fallen foes, chests and supply drops (the easiest source of orange loot).

Regain health from a Cozy Campfire (150 Health)
Another straightforward challenge, find a ‘Cozy Campfire’ and heal up with it. Naturally, taking damage without dying means you win a fight, but if you want to finish this challenge ASAP, just jump off a hill to take damage (not a super high one) until you’ve lost about 75ish HP then drop the campfire. A campfire will heal a maximum of 50 health per use, so if you do it this way, you’ll only need to find three maximum.

Multi-stage search challenge (2 Stages)
The multi-stage challenges introduced towards the latter end of Season 5 make their return. This is a search based challenge, beginning with it asking you to search a chest and then two Supply Drops before finally a Supply Llama.


Fortnite Season 6 Guide: Week 1 Challenges – Battle Pass Tiers

Fortnite Loot Lake

Apply Shields (500 Shields)
This challenge requires you to apply 500 shields over as many games as it takes. No special requirements here, just forage for mushrooms, drink jelly pots and stack those shields. Unlikely you’ll complete this challenge in a single game, but in the grand scheme of challenges it requires zero extra effort (searching for and applying shields is a very natural act in this game) and won’t take overly long if you just keep attempting other challenges as you go.

Battle Pass Tier – Multi-stage landing challenge (5 stages)
This challenge is another multi-stage challenge introduced towards the end of Season 5. This particular challenge asks you to land at specific named locations. The order of the landing sites goes: Junk Junction > Tomato Temple > Tilted Towers > Fatal Fields > Flush Factory. Like all multi-stage challenges, they must be completed one stage per game. You’ll need five separate games to complete this challenge.

Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights (7 Spotlights)
This is classic search/scavenger hunt style challenge. Most major locations on the map (including large unnamed ones) have a specific street light with speakers attached to it. When you dance directly under the streetlight it’ll start strobing and playing music, indicating you’ve successfully danced under the light. You’ll need to do this to seven different lights on the map to complete the challenge. We’ve penned a guide in the works, detailing the locations of the special ‘boogie lights’ here.

Eliminate Opponents in different Named locations (5 Eliminations)
This is a take on the standard get X kills at Y location challenge that saturated earlier seasons. Instead of a specific location however, you’re just asked to get five eliminations at any named location. This gives you the freedom to complete other challenges as you do this one. If you’re interested in grinding it out ASAP however, Tilted Towers is always a good option, or the new floating island at Loot Lake. Due to it being new, it is literally crawling with people checking it out at the moment, providing a smorgasbord of kills if you can land a weapon.

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