Fortnite Season 5 Guide: Week 10 Battle Pass Challenges Walkthrough

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The final week of Season 5 has arrived, and as such, this is the last week before all the season specific rewards become unobtainable, permanently. If you still don’t have the Battle Pass, it’s almost assuredly too late to obtain the final tier rewards unless you’ve been exceptionally diligent with your daily challenges all season. In which case picking up the Battle Pass this late might still be a wise investment if you’re really keen on those cosmetics. Finally, there may be changes for the upcoming Season 6, possibly to the way in which the Battle Pass functions again.

Below is a list of the seven challenges for week ten and how to complete them.


Fortnite Season 5 – Week 10 Battle Pass Challenges: Free Tiers

Free tier – Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in Basements (7 Pieces)
For the final week of Season 5, Epic has returned to form, giving us an in-depth scavenger hunt challenge they were so fond of earlier in Fortnite’s life. This particular challenge asks you to search the basements of various houses scattered throughout the map, looking for those elusive Jigsaw Pieces. If you’re looking for an in-depth guide on how to hunt down the pieces, or simply want to know their spawn locations, our guide can help.

Consume Apples or Mushrooms (20 consumptions)
Your weekly random challenge asks you to consume 20 Mushrooms (Shield Shrooms) or Apples over as many matches as it takes. Fairly similar to week 7 in Season 4, just without the option of consuming Hop Rocks. You can find Apples and Shrooms all around the map. Apples mostly hang-out under specific trees and you can find shrooms growing in certain fields. This challenge shouldn’t take too long as they’re littered all throughout the map. If you want a really quick place to farm this challenge out, Dusty Divot spawns a large amount of Shield Shrooms around the inner perimeter of the crater, just outside the buildings.

Eliminate Opponents (10 Eliminations)
The season finale replacement of the weapon kill challenge. This week is just 10 kills. No extra parameters, hoops to jump through or pilgrimages to find a special weapon. Just confirm 10 eliminations and you’re done. Identical to Season 4’s season finale.


Fortnite Season 5 – Week 10 Battle Pass Challenges: Battle Pass Tiers

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Search between a covered bridge, waterfall and the 9th green
The final treasure hunt challenge for the season. This week is of the ‘landmark’ variety, asking you for search between a ‘covered bridge’, waterfall and the 9th green. As usual, you can skip straight to the treasure if you happen to know where it’s buried. If searching around doesn’t appeal to you, or you want your rewards ASAP, we have a guide for you.

Search Chests in Salty Springs (7 Chests)
The standard search seven chests at Y location challenge, makes a return. This week is Salty Springs. A decent – but not amazing – place for this challenge. Chests are very dense and numerous in this location. However, Salty Springs is centrally located, fairly popular under normal circumstances and it being the site of the final chest challenge of the season will cause trouble. If you have the luxury of waiting until a bit later on in the week, that would be best, as competition will be unaturally fierce due to it being the final week of the season.

Deal damage to opponents (5000 damage)
Just like the 10 eliminations challenge this week, Epic has slightly modified the traditional weapon damage challenge. This week, you just need to cause 5000 damage to your opponent, with anything and everything you can find. Now this may seem like a lot of damage, but all things considered, this is the easiest permutation of this kind of challenge as there is no need to hunt for some obscure gun to complete it. If you really want to speed it up, play in squads so you can effectively do 100 free damage by executing downed opponents. Depending on how aggressively you play this game, it may take a while or it’ll be quick, just try not to shy away from fights, as being passive will grind this challenge’s progress to a halt.

Eliminate an opponent in different locations (3 eliminations)
The multi-stage style challenge makes a return for the final week of the season. Just like week 8, you’re required to kill a player at the location then complete the match, the challenge will then update, giving you the next location you need to get a kill at. This means it takes a minimum of three games to finish this challenge. The starting location this week is Pleasant Park.

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