Fortnite Season 4 Guide: Week 5 Battle Pass Challenges Walkthrough

Struggling to wade through your Battle Pass challenges for week 5 of season 4 of Fortnite? Come to us, we got you.


Week 5 of season 4’s Battle Pass went live a few hours ago. 8am GMT on a Tuesday was not the reset day this week, however, as it was delayed by about 51 hours (11am GMT Thursday) due to the challenges being initially bugged and unavailable, followed by some ‘system updates’. If this changes the reset day for the rest of the season remains to be seen. A positive note, however, is that the Battle Pass challenges now have an in-game UI that confirms whenever you complete (or partially complete) a challenge.

As per usual, you’ll need the Battle Pass (950 V-bucks) to be able to access and complete these challenges and therefore obtain the rewards therein. Don’t fret if you don’t have the Battle Pass yet, all challenges are retroactive, so you can complete these challenges at a later date. Seeing as we’re half way through the season though, retroactively completing all previous weeks to make it the Omega reward at tier 100 can be time consuming.

Below is a list of the seven challenges for week 5 of Fortnite season 4 and how to complete them.

Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500 damage)
Standard damage with X weapon type challenge. This week is SMGs, which includes: the Suppressed SMG and the Tactical SMG. Truthfully this will be one of the easiest damage to players challenges for the season. SMGs are common and extremely high in the raw DPS department; coupled with only requiring 500 damage, this should be a relatively quick one to finish. Provided RNG puts the bullets in the target you’re aiming at and not around them.

Search chests in Dusty Divot (7 chests)
Your typical ‘search the chests’ challenge we receive each week. This time the location is the new location, Dusty Divot. A ‘new’ location to season 4 (more accurately, a heavily altered location from season 3) is the giant crater smack centre of the map. Dusty Divot as a chest location is another difficult week (not as frustrating as Wailing Woods, though). It’s not particularly chest dense, has numerous open sight-lines and is dead centre of the map. This means Dusty Divot is trafficked far more than it should be for the amount of loot it contains. Coupled with people flying around on Hop Rocks, means you’ll most likely be fighting for every chest that you manage to encounter. Like Wailing Woods, you’ll be lucky to get more than one chest in this location per game early on in the week. Good luck.

Use a Vending Machine (3 times)
This is the ‘wildcard’ challenge for the week. Just use a vending machine 3 times. The quality of the vending machine is irrelevant and you can reuse the same one 3 times to complete it. So find a grey one, feed it 300 total resources and call it a challenge thoroughly completed. Or just take your time with it, up to you.

Dance with others to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake (1 time)
This is the scavenger hunt replacement for the week, making 2 weeks in a row without a scavenger hunt style challenge. To west of Loot Lake are two industrial buildings, on the ground floor of the northernmost building is a Disco Ball attached to a large metal pole. You need to dance with other players until the Disco Ball reaches the top. With the new Battle Pass UI in-play, it’ll let you know when you’ve completed it. No more guessing games for this playerbase!

Follow the treasure map found in Greasy Grove
This is the typical treasure hunt based challenge for week 5. Basically identical to week 1’s treasure challenge; find map, follow map, grab treasure, collect Battle Stars. Like the previous weeks, you can skip straight to the treasure if you happen to know where it’s buried. If you’re not much for getting lost (like I am), or want your tiers ASAP, we have you covered.

Minigun or Light Machine Gun Eliminations (2 kills)
Your straightforward kill them with a specific weapon challenge. This week you’re required to use either a Minigun or Light Machine Gun. Both guns function quite similarly, being extremely high DPS, but very inaccurate (especially the Minigun), this makes getting the killing blow with the weapon difficult at longish ranges. They’re also both quite rare, with the absolute lowest quality being a blue LMG. This means you’ll be looking for a gun blue or up in rarity. Dying before you get the kills you need can be a significant setback in terms of time. You’ll likely speed more time looking for a suitable gun than using it. On the bright side, you only need 2 (instead of the usual 3) kills to complete this challenge.

Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing (3 kills)
Your other straightforward kill challenge, but this time based on a location. Identical to every week’s challenge in this category. Go to Lucky Landing and kill 3 people. Lucky Landing isn’t a high trafficked area (on the edge of the map and average loot density), which can work both with and against you. Your chances of finding people would be lower than Tilted Towers, so you might live long enough to pick up the required kills, but they won’t be coming out of the woodwork either. 1 or 2 games (and a bit of weapon luck) and you’ll be finished with this one in no time.

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