Fortnite Season 4 Guide: Third Blockbuster Challenge Walkthrough


With the unlocking of week 3’s Battle Pass challenge comes the ability to access the third Blockbuster challenge for the season. For the uninitiated the Blockbuster challenges are ‘hidden’ challenges only accessible once certain prerequisites are met.

To unlock the Blockbuster challenges you must complete all the challenges in a week to progress. There are 7 weeks of Blockbuster challenges and 10 weeks of Battle Pass challenges in total. This means you only need to fully complete 7 weeks to unlock all Blockbuster challenges.

Fortnite Blockbuster challenge screen

Now you may be thinking, “where is the actual Blockbuster challenge? I only see a picture reward, not a challenge!” Well, here’s how they’re hidden: once you complete a week’s challenge you’ll be gifted a loading screen picture. This picture is the challenge description. Unlike the normal challenges which uses words as instructions, these loading screen pictures have the instructions hidden on it. Thus, to complete these challenges you need to decipher the picture (which indicates a specific location) and go the secret location and collect the treasure to receive the hidden reward.

So far, the Blockbuster challenges have been fairly meaty rewards. Rewarding 10 Battle Stars (a full Battle Tier). However, unlike other Battle Pass challenges, the Blockbuster reward is not something you can skip too. Other ‘treasure location’ based challenges allow you to skip exploratory steps and go straight to the treasure if you already know where it’s hiding; this is not the case with a Blockbuster treasures. The treasure will not spawn until you’ve completed the prerequisites. This means you need to unlock the relevant loading screen picture for the treasure to spawn, which by extension means completing the standard Battle Pass challenges for given weeks.

Of the three pictures released, they tend to follow a pattern in how they present the hidden location of the treasure. That is, the location of the treasure is ‘superfluous information’. Put differently, there doesn’t appear to be any correlation between the ‘story’ the picture is telling and where the treasure might be located.

Without further ado, here is the picture for the third Blockbuster challenge.

Fortnite loading screen
Third Blockbuster loading screen, “A Looming Threat”

The projection of Omega above the prison is a bamboozler (a ‘Red Herring’ if you will). It captures and diverts your attention from looking more closely at the map hologram. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was effective on me at the very least. I spend more time than I’d like to admit running around the prison and the superhero headquarters searching for my damned Battle Tier. But once you see through the chicanery you’ll see a faded Battle Tier symbol located on the map hologram.

Fortnite battle pass

This appears as F9 on the main map’s grid. More specifically, the top left hand corner of the F9 grid atop the hill. I’ve included a map with the locations marked below.

Fortnite blockbuster challenge
See the red circle
Fortnite Blockbuster challenge
Zoomed in view
Fortnite Blockbuster 3 challenge
Blockbuster 3 challenge

Once you’ve successfully navigated your way to the top of the hill (or landed there), simply interact with the treasure and collect your free Battle Tier.

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