Fortnite Season 4 Guide: Find All Rubber Duckies Locations

The Rubber Duckies in Fortnite are pains to track down, so we compiled a list to help you through your season 4 Battle Pass.


Like the previous weeks, this week has two Battle Pass challenges that can be a little on the trickier side to complete. This walkthrough focuses on the ‘Rubber Duckie’ challenge. This challenge is your typical scavenger hunt challenge, and functions almost identically to the ‘finding the gnomes’ challenge from season 3.

The goal is to locate and interact with ten different Rubber Duckies. When you interact with a Duckie, it will disappear and no longer be available to interact with. This means you need to find 10 unique locations to finish the challenge. The Duckies themselves tend to congregate around areas with water, or where water should be (e.g. empty pool, water tower, etc.). The river that runs across the vertical of the map houses 5 of the 10 required ducks alone. That means the best way to locate these Duckies without directions is to just ask yourself if water is involved. If it is, it’s worth checking for a duck.

A quick side note, you may be tempted to check showers, bathtubs and sinks, but as far as I checked I didn’t find a single Duckie in those locations, Though I didn’t check every single house on the map. Basically, don’t be disappointed if you keep checking bathrooms and finding nothing.

Like the gnomes from the previous season’s challenge, the Duckies will make a unique sound (quacking, like a duck) that lets you know you’re relatively close to one (about 10 metres or so). If you want an easier time listening out for the Duckies, turn up your sound FX volume to make them a bit louder. Just be aware this makes gunshots, footsteps, etc. all louder too (so don’t blow your ears off looking for rubber Duckies).

Below is an overview of the main map with all the Rubber Duckies (I could locate) circled in red. There are more Rubber Duckies on the map than the challenge requires (i.e. there is more than 10 Duckies on the map). I found 14 personally, but there is almost assuredly more than the 14 I found. This means you can pick the 10 most convenient for you as the rest will disappear from view after you’ve collected 10 (but may still be usable even though invisible, just like the gnomes were).


Fortnite Rubber Duckies Locations

Fortnite rubber duckies locations


Anarchy Acres

Anarchy Acres rubber duckie

Strictly speaking, this Duckie isn’t in Anarchy Acres. This Duckie appears in the river just east of Anarchy Acres. It’ll be in the river, under the bridge next to a black station wagon that managed to faceplant itself in shallow water. This appears as G3 on the main map’s grid.


Fatal Fields (South)

South Fatal Fields Duckie

This farm also houses a Duckie, two in fact. The first Duckie is located at the southernmost area of the farm on the bank of a fishing pond. If you stand out on the fishing pier, there will be a big tree to your left, it’s on the bank right next to that tree. This is located at G9 on the main map’s grid.


Fatal Fields (North)

North Fatal Fields Duckie

The other Duckie lies to the northern area of Fatal Fields. There is an L shaped river at the northernmost section of fatal fields. The Duckie sits on the bank of the river midway up, near the only tree to grow on the riverbank. This appears as G8 on the main map’s grid.


Lonely Lodge (South)

South Lonely Lodge Duckie

Lonely Lodge also contains two Rubber Duckies. Both Duckies rest on the same river running through the lodge on opposite ends. The southern Duckie sits at the southernmost end of the river (where the river begins) in a shallow cut-out of the cliff face. Located at I5 of the main map’s grid.


Lonely Lodge (North)

North Lonely Lodge Duckie

The northern Lonely Lodge Duckie is similarly located. The river will form a pond at its northernmost edge. The Duckie will be located on the pond’s easternmost bank right next to a cliff face. This appears as J4 on the main map’s grid.


Loot Lake Pier

Loot Lake pier duckies
Loot Lake pier duckies

Loot Lake houses two Duckies, one slightly out of Loot Lake and one on the body of water. The first Duckie is located on the water itself on the northeastern edge. There is a small hut and pier over this side of the lake with a small blue boat tethered off the pier. The Duckie is squeezed between this boat and the pier. This appears as E4 on the main map’s grid.


Loot Lake Waterfall

Loot Lake waterfall duckie
Loot Lake waterfall duckie

The other Loot Lake Duckie is not directly in Loot Lake, but very close. Loot Lake flows out into a river on the southernmost edge. The Duckie rests on the same cliff face the waterfall flows into nestled between some rocks on the western bank of the river’s beginning. This appears as E5 on the main map’s grid.


Lucky Landing

Lucky landing duckie

This Duckie does not appear in Lucky Landing exactly either, but it appears very close to it. Lucky Landing has a bridge running across the river to its northwest. The Duckie is hiding under the bridge next an upturned ice cream truck. F9 on the main map’s grid.


Moisty Mire

Moisty mire duckie

Surprisingly, despite the large amount of water, I could only find 1 Duckie in this location (It’s a lot of water to wade around in). The Duckie is located at the northernmost area of the mire on a small isolated pond (not part of the main swamp area). There will be a dilapidated wood structure and pier, the Duckie is located at the start of that pier. This will appear as I7 of the main map’s grid.


Mopey Motel

Mopey Motel duckie location

This is an unnamed location, but being a broken down old motel, I’m dubbing it Mopey Motel. Located very far north and slightly west is an old broken down motel with an empty swimming pool to its north. The Duckie is located in this pool amongst the trash. D2 on the main map’s grid.


Retail Row

Retail Row duckies

Retail Row also hides a very sneaky Duckie. On the southeastern edge of Retail Row sits a large water tower. The Duckie is located near the base of this tower, next to a piece of machinery to the towers south on the other side of the fence (not the one inside the small building). The Duckie is hiding inside this piece of machinery. Break it to reveal the Duckie. This is H6 on the main map’s grid.


River Exit (South)

River Exit south duckie
River Exit south duckie

Right on the edge of the map is a well hidden Duckie. If you follow the southern river to its conclusion (the ocean) there will be a small cliff face jutting out that the water hits before flowing into the ocean proper. The Duckie rests on the bank of this waterfall. Appears as F10 on the main map’s grid.


River Exit (North)

river exit north duckies

This is exactly like the southern river above, just for the northern exit. A cliff face that catches the water before it flows into the ocean (this one’s a bit smaller and higher up, though). The Duckie is on the bank of this waterfall. Located at G2 of the main map’s grid.


Snobby Shores

Snobby shores duckie

The fourth house from the north (second house from the south) contains an empty swimming pool in its backyard. The Duckie rests in this swimming pool. A5 on the main map’s grid.

Once you’ve interacted with the final duck, you’ll have finished this Battle Pass challenge.

This and the treasure hunt challenge are the two trickier Battle Pass challenges for this week. If you’re looking for help with that particular challenge, check out our guide here. With those out of the way, just resume reaming your opponents for those ever valuable dopamine releases. If you would like a brief overview of week 3’s Battle Pass challenges, you can check the article here.

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