Fortnite Replay Editor Coming Soon, According To Epic


Hot on the heels of PUBG’s replay editor, Epic announced at the State of Unreal conference during GDC 2018 that Fortnite: Battle Royale would be getting its own version.

After being show on-stage, it certainly looks like fairly robust feature that will allow players to look back on their performances, highlight their worst and best moments, and memorialise their most victorious of Victory Royales. I wish I had this feature when I hid my way to victory with nothing but a revolver, just to commemorate how much I had cheesed my way to glory.

Professional irritator Ali-A was on-hand to help demo the upcoming replay editor:

Some of the interesting features of the new replay editor include the basics, such as exposure, aperture, focal length and focus, but you can also check out the status of opponents during a match to find out exactly how they bested you, which is a pretty cool quirk.

As a neat little bonus, the replay editor will also be usable for developers using the Unreal engine when its 4.20 update drops in the summer. Unreal Engine developers are getting a lot of love lately, especially with Epic Games dumping all of Paragon’s assets for free use.

There’s no release date for the new replay editor, but it will be available across consoles and PC soon — no word on it coming to mobile.

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