Fortnite: Open Chests Locked By An ID Scanner

Become a master of disguise in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 2

We’re into the second week of Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 2, which means the second week of challenges for you to dust off. For some reason, Epic is making it a little tricky to keep on top of them this season with each “Agent” getting two sets of weekly challenges in “Briefings” to complete. Brutus’ Briefings for week 2 ask you to Open Chest Locked By An ID Scanner.

This isn’t too tricky a challenge if you’ve been playing Season 2 since it dropped, but for those who are unaware, ID Scanners are found in each of the map’s newest locations: The Grotto, The Shark, The Agency, The Yacht, and The Rig.

To Open Chests Locked By An ID Scanner, you will need to make your way towards one of these new POIs. Here are two different methods of dusting off this challenge.


Chest ID Scanners

Fortnite ID scanners
Fortnite ID scanners

The Chest ID Scanners in question look like the screenshot above, effectively large, wide chests that can only be found at the new POIs on the map.

If you try to open it like a regular chest, you will be denied access. Destroying this special chest will also destroy all contents within.


Chest ID Scanners Map

Chest ID Scanners
Chest ID Scanners

The Chests locked with ID scanners are all laid out in the above map. The spots circled in red are the new POIs where you can find multiple of these chests, while the blue denotes Shadow Safe Houses, where there is usually just one of the chests.


Open Chests Locked By An ID Scanner: Henchman Method

Fortnite ID scanners
Fortnite ID scanners

This is one way of opening ID scanners that you’re already familiar with. If you down a Henchman in any of the new “raid” POIs, you can then pick them up and carry them over to a chest with an ID Scanner. Be careful with the Henchmen; they hit harder than you might think.

After you press the interact button, the chest will scan the Henchman and then open up after roughly five seconds with loot within being yours to claim.

We’d advise caution using this method. You will be a pretty easy target for other players if you’re running around with a Henchman on your back, and you also won’t be able to immediately defend yourself.


Open Chests Locked By An ID Scanner: Disguise Method

Fortnite Disguise Booth
Fortnite Disguise Booth

This second method is probably a little on the safer side. You can disguise yourself as a Henchman within the special POIs to foil other Henchmen and also the ID Scanners.

To put on the disguise, jump into one of the phone boxes dotted around the special POI — each POI has at least one. You will then emerge either as a Shadow or Ghost agent; it depends on which POI you’re at.

Fortnite Disguise Booth
Fortnite Disguise Booth

With your disguise equipped, you can then wander up to a chest with an ID Scanner and scoop up all the loot within. Be warned, though: your disguise will fade away if you attack enemies, get attacked, or even touch other Henchmen at all.

Just a quick note regarding this challenge overall: the ID Scanner is a bit of a nuisance in that it won’t recognise you if you move, so be sure to stand absolutely still if you want to open one, or else you will have to start all over again.

If you want to get this challenge done quickly, we’d recommend The Grotto as it’s the quietest of the new POIs and also has phone booths that are easy to get to, as well as these special chests that are very easy to find.

Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 2 is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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