Fortnite LEGO: Where To Find Marble

Fortnite LEGO
Fortnite LEGO

Sooner or later in Fortnite LEGO, you’re going to have to graduate from using granite and start making use of sturdier stones, such as marble. Knowing where to find marble can be a bit tricky though, and getting it is another challenge entirely.

In order to find marble, you’ll need to check the Grasslands Caves, which means you’ll need to do some exploring, and you’ll need to be prepared to deal with a lot of skeletons, spiders and scorpions as soon as you head underground.

Once you’re inside a Grasslands Cave, marble is fairly easy to notice, as it’s the white-ish rock that can be found on the walls and roof of the cave. Finding it is one thing, but in order to actually mine it, you’ll need a pickaxe of at least uncommon rarity or better. The recipe for the uncommon pickaxe requires 3 Knotroot Rods, which requires building a Lumber Mill, which you should have an abundance of from murdering the skeletons.

Marble’s uses might not seem too obvious, but it can be used to create uncommon level charms, allowing you to increase your health, and build the Stone Breaker, which unlocks more crafting options.

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