Fortnite LEGO: Can You Fast Travel?

Fortnite LEGO fast travel
Fortnite LEGO fast travel

It’s a big, bad, bricky world out there in Fortnite LEGO. If you’ve been playing in your world for a long time, you probably have several far-flung places that you have to visit to mine resources, which can take a good bit of time and also be a nuisance when you come up against bad weather or persistent enemies. With that in mind, you’re probably wondering if you can fast travel in Fortnite LEGO.

Unfortunately, there is no fast travel in Fortnite LEGO. You cannot instantly travel from one place to another. You can only travel faster by unlocking some mobility options.

Jumping off somewhere and using the glider, which can be crafted after you craft the Spinning Wheel and Loom, allows you to get around faster just like it does in Battle Royale. A much more advanced technique is to build cars, which you can building a foundation, wheels, and activation switch, though you may need to be fiddle around with the design a lot to get it road ready.

Epic may add a fast travel option down the line in Fortnite LEGO, but for now there is no such option.

If you need more help with Fortnite LEGO, read up on how you can craft arrows and then the Recurve Crossbow to go along with it.

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