Fortnite: How To Hack Tony Stark’s Robots


Iron Man

Each new season brings a whole host of changes to the Fortnite experience and it seems Season 4 is no different. As well as a change to the weapon meta and some map changes, we can now also hack Tony Stark’s robots.

Could you imagine this is where we would end up in the original Season 4 way back in Chapter 1?

Anyway, hacking said robots is easy, but the first step is to find them. Stark’s Robots can be found at any of the Quinjet Patrol landing sites dotted around the map. These do not initially appear on the map, but they actually fly in and land at the start of a match. Find them by the white plane outline on the map or by following the blue smoke trails.

These landing sites are also a part of the challenges for Week 1, so you may as well tick that off your challenge list as well.

As for the robots, each site will usually have 5 or 6 robots. These robots pack a punch with their Fortnite Stark Industries Energy Rifles, so beware of them when you land as they can quite easily beam you out of the sky.

To hack them, you must first down one of them. They only have 100 HP, so they shouldn’t be too hard at all.

Fortnite robots hacking
Fortnite robots hacking

Once downed, go up them and hold your interact/reload input. This will be square if you are playing on PlayStation 4, for instance. Rather than interrogating this season, it looks like you will instead be able to hack henchmen.

Once hacked, the robot will then follow you and shoot at enemies (even their robot pals) until they are eliminated once and for all. They shoot at everything, even sharks. It seems that they are the natural evolution of the Decoy Grenades, AI opponents who can actually follow and help you.

Here’s a video of the Stark robot hacking in action:

Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 4 is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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