Fortnite Dark Reflections Pack Available Now

Looks like someone's in the DC universe.

Fortnite Dark Reflections Pack

With each new season of Fortnite comes a new special bundle of cosmetics for a comparatively cheaper price than buying them separately, usually along a distinct theme relevant to the season in question. The Dark Reflections Pack is the newest of these, and it’s available right now.

Costing £15.99/$19.99, you get three Legendary twists on classic Fortnite skins that have been seemingly twisted by Kevin’s influence, who has made a return for Season X. Considering that Legendary skins usually cost that for a single one, picking up the Fortnite Dark Reflections Pack makes financial sense if you’re someone who wants their locker to be overflowing with skins.

Here’s everything you get with the Dark Reflections Pack:

– Legendary Dark Wild Card Outfit
– Legendary Wild Cube Back Bling
– Legendary Dark Red Knight Outfit
– Legendary Dark Shield Back Bling
– Rare Dark Jonesy Outfit
– Rare Dark Axe Pickaxe

And also its description:

“Did the Cube ever corrupt, or was the darkness always there? Let your dark side take control while wearing the Dark Reflections pack.”

To find the Dark Reflections Pack, you should be able to go along to the store in-game, or to your respective console’s storefront and purchase it from there. If you want to find it on the PlayStation Store, for instance, just search Dark Reflections and it will appear.

Dark Reflections Pack

In addition, presumably so you can gift it someone else, you will also be able to buy a physical copy of something called the Darkfire Bundle this November, which will be long after Season X concludes — who knows what will be in it. You can pre-order it now.

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