Fortnite Cattus vs Doggus Event: Start Time & What To Expect

The Fortnite fight for all ages.

Fortnite Cattus

Throughout almost the entirety of Fortnite Season 9, we’ve been teased about a gigantic showdown that could have a tonne of repercussions for the Fortnite map — and maybe even the game in general. The Cattus vs. Doggus event has been building and building, and with the clock ticking until the big battle on Saturday, plenty of players are more than slightly curious about what’s going to go down.

If you’re looking forward to the fight but aren’t sure of what to expect or even when it’s going down, here’s everything you ought to know for Fortnite’s Cattus vs. Doggus event in Season 9.


Fortnite Cattus vs Doggus Start Time

The giant clocks that are being beamed out of the Sky Platforms around the map have let us know that the big fight will be going down on Saturday, July 20th.

As for the start times, they will obviously be dependent on your region. Here are just a few of them.

– 1PM CT
– 12PM MT

You can find your specific timezone with this handy resource.


The Combatants: Cattus


The exact origins of Cattus are a bit of a mystery. Sure, while we know it was within Polar Peak, there’s no real clue how it got there. A large boulder struck the mountain during the volcano event, which caused a crack in Polar Peak. Maybe it wasn’t a boulder and actually Cattus being flung into Polar from the volcano?

Whatever the case, Cattus made an appearance early on in Season 9, appearing as a giant eye that would follow your movements.

They eventually broke free and took most of Polar Peak with them, stomping some POIs as they went. Since then, Cattus has been sporadically seen swimming around in the ocean.

In terms of their appearance, we really don’t have much of idea beyond the eye, but this old loading screen might give us a clue.

Fortnite Cattus

Not a lot to go off, but Cattus is definitely big.


The Combatants: Doggus

Shortly after Cattus broke loose and started a small rampage throughout the Fortnite map, Pressure Plant (the named location that overtook the old volcano) came to life and started construction on a giant metal robot. Propaganda posters also started popping up at POIs to warn people that something was about go down.

Bit-by-bit, Doggus was constructed by drones until it was finally completed on July 17th. Looking extremely like a Megazord, Doggus has different Fortnite themes/skins for all of its different body parts. This runs parallel with the Singularity skin, who is a major factor in Fortnite lore, and may even be piloting Doggus for the event.

Fortnite Doggus 1

Singularity was first teased back in Season 8 during the unvaulting event, in which her helmet was seen on a desk. Since the start of Season 9, a statue of her can be found within Neo Tilted.

Judging from the odyssey-long hunt to unlock her skin and that she is seemingly revered by the citizens of the Fortnite island, it’s safe to assume that she is the island’s protector and that this battle is her calling.


Cattus vs Doggus: The Outcome

We have (thankfully) no idea how the event will go down as Epic have been wise enough to encrypt the files and keep all details from the hands of leakers.

However, there are some hints within the strings that suggest it is going to be a major event with some destruction going down across the Fortnite map as the file size is absolutely gigantic. What, you didn’t expect them to just hug it out, did you?

Infinite Jetpacks” will be usable for the event, which suggests that it’s going to be a confrontation that will take place pretty far and wide across the Fortnite map. It also seems like it will have its own LTM, so there’s very little chance of you getting killed and having the event ruined for you.

If you want our prediction, it won’t change that much. It is highly unlikely that Epic will make such a drastic overhaul before Season 10, but the fight may cause damage that will be fixed and maybe even completely overhaul some locations while it’s at it.

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