Fortnite Burst Quad Launcher Stats & Location

Not as OP as you think.

Burst Quad Launcher

Those who remember the original Quad Launcher in Fortnite remember it as being a pretty annoying weapon, if not more than slightly overpowered. It’s pretty interesting, then, that Epic have decided to bring a Burst Quad Launcher to Season 5 as the newest Exotic.

Times have changed, though, and it’s likely that plenty of players will be able to counter it means that the Burst Quad Launcher isn’t all that powerful, or at least has easy counters. The fact that only one spawns per game and costs a large amount of gold also means that it won’t be as hated a weapon as it won’t be absolutely everywhere over the course of a match.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Burst Quad Launcher in Fortnite: Season 5.


Burst Quad Launcher Stats & Tips

Reload Time5.4 seconds
Magazine Size4

The Fortnite Burst Quad Launcher doesn’t do as much damage as a normal Rocket Launcher, but it does fire more often and doesn’t need you to reload as often.

It fires two rockets at once, meaning that you can expect to hit 84 damage if both hit your opponent, though bear in mind that it can also hurt you if you aren’t careful. The rockets also don’t travel in a flat line like standard rockets, so they’re not brilliant at range.

In terms of ammo, while your “magazine” size is 4, it actually only counts as one when you fire, so you actually have eight rockets before having to reload as two rockets fire each time you use it. That’s a lot of potential damage.


Burst Quad Launcher Price & Location

Fortnite Burst Quad Launcher Location
Fortnite Burst Quad Launcher Location

The Burst Quad Launcher can be found in of two locations from Fishtick, an NPC who you can recruit. Fishstick is either in his restaurant in Craggy Cliffs or in Coral Castle. As they randomly spawn, there’s no guarantee that Fishstick will be in either of these locations, which is a nuisance.

The Burst Quad Launcher will set you back 600 Gold Bars, which is a relatively cheap price considering how expensive Exotics were at the start of the season.

All in all, the Burst Quad Launcher is a new weapon in Fortnite that seems intended to bring back a little bit of nonsensical fun. Good players will just be able to put up walls and avoid damage as it doesn’t actually do much damage to structures, but for casual play, it should be a blast to use.

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