Fortnite: How To Activate Reality Augments


Fortnite hasn’t only introduced new skins, cosmetic items, a new map and new methods of transport for Chapter 4 – Season 1. Epic Games has also used the new Chapter to introduce new mechanics. From Hurdling, which allows players to jump over objects that are at knee height quickly and easily, through to Reality Augments, which are temporary buffs players can use to give themselves an advantage over their opposition, there’s plenty to unpack here. This article breaks down what Reality Augments are and how to activate them.


What Are Reality Augments?


Reality Augments are temporary buffs or perks that last for the duration of a match. Players will be given a random choice of two Reality Augments at different points in a match. The longer players survive, the more Reality Augments they can collect. Reality Augments reset at the end of a match and cannot be transferred to new matches. Random choices can be re-rolled, but once a choice has been made players cannot change which Reality Augment has been selected. Buffs granted by Reality Augments include faster reload speed for specific weapon archetypes, sprinting faster, jumping higher, or more health points for vehicles as well as many, many more.


How To Activate Augments

Players don’t need to take any additional action to activate Reality Augments in Fortnite. As soon as the buff or perk is selected from the randomly generated choice of two, it will be activated for the remainder of that match. These buffs do stack meaning that players can have multiple Reality Augments activated at any one time.

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