Football Manager 2022: How To Change Height

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Football Manager 2022
Football Manager 2022 heights

Football Manager 2022 is the newest in a long line of life-consuming football sims that convinces a whole lot of people with its height measurements. All player heights are relayed in centimetres, though a lot of fans tend to use other height measurements.

To change the way height information is relayed in Football Manager 2022, go to FM in the top right > Preferences > Formats and then change Height to feet, metres or back to centimetres.

Confirm the change and then after a short reload, you should notice that your height measurements have changed. You’re free to switch this around as much as you like, just follow the same steps.

Height is most important for central defenders and strikers, whereas wingers and full-backs can often get away with being on the shorter side. In FM, height influences Jumping Reach which will dictate how well defenders head the ball away and how attackers hit the ball towards the goal.

Football Manager 2022 is available now on PC and Xbox.

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