First Gameplay Footage Of Spider-Man 2 Revealed, Launching Fall 2023

Be Greater, Together. With a Venom symbiote along for the ride.

Spider-Man 2

We’ve been waiting patiently for a long for Insomniac Games to reveal the first gameplay footage for Spider-Man 2, which is set to launch on the PS5 this Fall, and during tonight’s PlayStation Showcase, we finally received a first look. Not content with just showing a bit of gameplay though, Insomniac blessed us with 10 whole minutes of footage, including a host of story reveals to boot. Make sure to take a look at the new gameplay reveal at the top of the page.

What’s not shown in the reveal above is how the trailer opens. The reveal started with Kraven The Hunter eyeing up some new prey, heading over to New York City to hunt the most dangerous game: Spider-Man and his band of super-friends. If you want to view that footage, click right here.

The action then kicks into high gear six months later, with Kraven and his band of hunters already in full combat across New York. The hunters seemingly have Parker cornered, only for the original webhead to emerge, sporting the Venom symbiote to boot.

After using the symbiote to overwhelm his opponents, the action switches to Miles Morales, showcasing some traditional web-swinging along with a new wingsuit mechanic. Miles is on the trail of one Curt Conners, currently on a rampage as The Lizard. After a near miss, with the Lizard, a high speed water chase kicks off between the Spider-Men, Kraven’s goons and The Lizard.

Throughout the whole trailer, Parker’s heightened emotions due to the Venom symbiote are on full display, something Miles and Ganke pick up. While there’s already a lot going on in Spider-Man 2’s, Parker and Morales’ relationship and the strain the Venom suit will put on it will likely be what drives the story forward. We’re calling it now that there’s going to be a boss fight where Miles has to stop a rampaging Peter.

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