Final Fantasy VII Remake Free On PS Plus This March, But There’s A PS5 Catch (UPDATED)

Why is nothing ever simple with this franchise.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

UPDATE: Line-up and no free upgrade confirmed.

ORIGINAL STORY: If you thought Sony and Square Enix were done announcing new Final Fantasy stuff after last night’s State of Play, here’s a little surprise: Final Fantasy VII Remake will be “free” on PlayStation Plus this March for subscribers.

However, there’s a bit of a catch: the previously announced free upgrade to the PS5 version will not be included with this Plus version, which is certainly a little odd. Here’s everything you need to know about the PlayStation Plus games for March 2021.


March 2021 PlayStation Plus Games

Nibellion Plus

First noticed by Nibellion after being shared out too early on some European PlayStation social media accounts, it’s an exceptionally strong month for Plus overall.

Here are the games that will be included in March:

– Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)
– Farpoint VR (PSVR)
– Maquette (PS5)
– Remnant from the Ashes (PS4)

You know all about the marquee game by now, it being the first part of what you imagine will be quite a few reimaginings of the PS1 classic. Farpoint is a FPS VR title that’s like Starship Troopers (note: I originally typo’d this as ‘Starship Trooters’ and honestly wanted to keep it like that) in virtual reality — it needs more love. Remnant: From the Ashes is a very solid Soulslike with gunplay that you may remember was on EGS for free a while back. Finally, Maquette is the new PS5 game for the month, a beautiful puzzler that will launch day one as part of Plus.


When Will The New PS Plus Games Be Available?

PlayStation Plus games release on the first Tuesday of every month, so March’s offerings will be up for grabs from March 2nd until April 6th.


What’s The Deal With FF7R On Plus, Then?

It’s a strange one for sure, and one that doesn’t help clear the sometimes confusing waters of free upgrades at all. Control, NBA and others have been paid upgrades, but this is something else entirely.

Plus subscribers would probably be right to be a little bit disappointed by this move that seems to be nudging people towards buying a game again that they already have in their library, presumably to entice more people to pick up the newly announced Yuffie DLC.

It’s weird nonsense like this that makes Final Fantasy a hard sell for some. It’s very rarely straightforward where Final Fantasy is concerned, but make no mistake: getting such a huge game like this remake included with Plus not that long after release is a pretty big deal, free upgrade or not. As someone who was just going to wait until all these parts were out, I may as well take the plunge a little earlier.

Still not going to play that battle royale game, though.

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