So That Fast & Furious Game Is Apparently Out Today — With Zero Reviews

Are...are you sure?

Fast and Furious Crossroads
Fast and Furious Crossroads

Remember when The Game Awards 2019 was closed out by the announcement of Fast & Furious Crossroads? Okay, so how about pretty much anything being revealed for it afterwards, apart from a quick glimpse at gameplay?

Well, this may come as a surprise unless you’ve been looking out for release dates all year, but Fast & Furious Crossroads is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Here’s the launch trailer:

And the synopsis:

“Packed with gadgets, high-octane heists and iconic vehicles, Fast & Furious Crossroads puts you in the driver’s seat of the non-stop cinematic-style action of the Fast & Furious saga. Join Fast & Furious heroes Dom, Letty, and Roman, all voiced by the original cast members, and a tough new crew, featuring voice performances by Asia Kate Dillon and Sonequa Martin-Green, as you globe-trot across stunning locations to bring down a sinister criminal mastermind.”

Thing is, Fast & Furious Crossroads has zero reviews. Not one. This isn’t a great sign as it looks like Bandai Namco didn’t give any publication pre-release access to the game, which suggests that there isn’t much confidence in the product at all.

Well, there are some Steam reviews for the game, but they are largely negative. Criticisms are aplenty for its lack of keyboard support and pretty flat racing, along with equally flat voice acting. This is Vin Diesel we’re talking about, mind you.

We’ve had very few emails recently about the game from Bandai, apart from the one to announce its release. Before that, the last press release we received was back in May for that aforementioned gameplay reveal and its initial reveal.

It’s quite surprising how little the game has been pushed since that reveal, especially considering that the likes of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson are reprising their roles with Peter Stormare also a part of the cast. There must have been a fair bit of money poured into it.

Maybe its underwhelming gameplay reveal might have something to do with it. It doesn’t look absolutely awful by any means, but for a £50/$60 game released on eighth-gen based on one of the biggest media properties ever, Fast & Furious Crossroads isn’t a looker at all. That’s quite surprising considering the game’s developed by Slightly Mad Studios, who also made the lovely-looking Project Cars series. They haven’t even tweeted about the game’s release.

We might be checking the game out for ourselves, just to see what it’s actually like. How about you?

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