Fargo: Season 5 – Everything You Should Know

From the 1950s mob life to a Western set in the 2010s

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Thriller, black comedy, noir, and drama are a peculiar combo that you just don’t happen to come across often. FX’s Fargo is among the lucky few series that actually is a stellar mix of those. That’s also why it is unsurprising that the audience is four seasons deep into this fascinating show, and that Fargo: Season 5 is already on its way.

Nearly two years had passed since the fourth season‘s release, and while the series getting canned wasn’t a likely outcome, many fans were skeptical about when they would see the show return. Fortunately, Fargo: Season 5 was officially announced in February 2023, but everything else that was revealed about it was really vague. There is a ton we don’t know yet, and loads that we do, so if you want the full scoop on the renewal, here’s all you need to know.


When Is Fargo: Season 5 Coming Out?

Fargo: Season 5 does not have a release date at the moment. Albeit the new season was confirmed to be in development in early 2023, no exact air date for it was given. Some speculation based on rumors does point towards a late 2023 release for the next season, but judging from the scarcity of news about it, 2024 seems to be the best bet.

Along with the renewal announcement also came reports that Fargo: Season 5’s story will be set in 2019, that’s the closest the series’ anthology period has ever been to reality. Cryptic references by series director Noah Hawley seem to imply that there will be a Western vibe going forward, which is quite an intriguing take since the previous season was a mafia story set in the 50s.


Who Is In The Cast of Fargo: Season 5?

Many of the cast members for Fargo: Season 5 have been revealed as well, and they include big names that played a part in Stranger Things, Mad Men, and plenty of other acclaimed shows. Jon Hamm is apparently going to portray one of the three lead characters in the new season called Roy, and this will also mark his TV acting return in a major role.

As for the remaining two leads, Dot and Lorraine, they will be played by Juno Temple (Ted Lasso) and Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight) respectively in Fargo: Season 5. Among the latest additions to the cast include Lukas Gage from You: Season 4, Joe Keery best known for his portrayal of Steve in Stranger Things, and Lamorne Morris from New Girl.

These are just some of the names that will be appearing, and as the imminent release approaches, you can expect to see many more actors join the roster. The fifth season by no means appears to be the final installment, but at the same time, you can never be so sure. In any case, Fargo: Season 5 is in the works, and lots more will be shared in due time, so keep vigilant for any updates by the showrunners.

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