Far Cry 6: How To Use Voice Chat

Crying with pals.

Far Cry 6
Far Cry 6 Voice Chat

Far Cry 6 is the latest in a long line of Far Cry games that’s better with friends, and even better when you’re screeching at each other over voice chat.

Voice chat should be on by default when playing co-op, but there’s a way to double check or turn it off if you don’t fancy talking. Voice chat settings can be found by going to the menu > System > Options > Audio > Communication and then making sure Voice Communication is set to whatever you like. You can also change the volume to whatever suits best.

If you’re not hearing any audio from voice chat, it may be a platform specific issue, particularly PS5. Remember to check your audio settings for the controller and the console as it can be quite easy to get them all messed up.

Turn your friendly fire off and have a whale of a time screeching and swearing at each other.

Far Cry 6 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and Stadia.

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