6 Fallout 4 Mods That Should Be Incorporated Into Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Settlements were a divisive element of the gameplay of Fallout 4 but there’s no denying that some people have jumped into settlement building with much aplomb. YouTubers like Norespawns and Rangerdave have built a huge following with their build videos and subsequent tour videos.

We know that Fallout 76 is going to incorporate a lot of the settlement building from Fallout 4, we also know that one of Fallout’s greatest features is the mod compatibility. Some of the mods released for Fallout 4 were fantastic additions to the game and must-haves for any survival based play-through. It has been announced that Fallout 76 isn’t going to be mod compatible, for obvious reasons, with that in mind here are a few mods from Fallout 4 that I think Bethesda should take inspiration from which would add to the Fallout 76 experience if they were included from the off.


1. Thematic and Practical

Fallout 4 Mods

Thematic and Practical is a mod that adds a lot of features to Fallout 4 settlement building that won’t be used in Fallout 76. The trader shops, in particular, would be wasted here. However, one of the best parts of this mod is the Scavenger section which houses some of the best scrappy furniture I’ve seen. There would obviously be a finite amount of airplane seats or couches available to survivors in the wasteland, so it would make sense that if they wanted to build somewhere to sit or sleep then they would use some of the scrap that they have found and build themselves something new.

This adds an element of realism that is somewhat lost when you’re building pristine vault beds for your settlers in the base game. It wouldn’t have to be a direct copy of this mod but something along similar lines would certainly add to the experience.


2. Do It Yourshelf

Fallout 4 Mods

Do It Yourshelf is one of many mods that adds in the ability to build filled shelving units and is compatible with the shelves in Thematic and Practical as well. Workshop decoration may not be high on everyone’s list of priorities for Fallout 76 base building, but I know that there will be a lot of people, myself included, who would want their outpost to look nice and not just be safe. The key benefit of DIY is that your shelf items can snap into place so you can fill the shelves neatly with lots of different items, from weapons to armour to food. It even has half shelf options so you can mix and match. This would allow the player to build a more unique home for their character and give them more of a motivation to defend it from others.


3. Stain’s Structures

Fallut 4 mods 2

Fallut 4 mods 2

This building mod is great for making a scrappy looking building, allowing the player to build the frame of the walls, including windows and doorways, before putting up cladding to give it a half build/scrappily put together feel. It’s much more realistic than some of the clean walls available in the vanilla game and it also allows the player more freedom to mix up the look of their walls. This means that the buildings don’t all have to look alike with repeating textures constantly. As above, this would allow the player to make their home more unique from other players’. It would be quite cool if the cladding options were locked behind player progression so you could build a home like this with the empty frames and perhaps weak wall filling before leveling up and getting thicker protection or sturdier materials to work with.


4. General Dave’s Wasteland Walls

Fallout 4 mods 2

Fallout 4 mods 2

Ranger Dave, the not so evil EvilViking, is not just a settlement builder or YouTuber, he also makes his own mods and this is one of them. There are many wall mods out there and this is one of my favourites for building a seriously secure settlement. The walls are made from what looks like reinforced concrete which makes them strong and would give anyone living in post-war America a sense of being safe from attack, at least for a reasonable length of time.

These tough looking walls are good for a high-level builder to secure their home-base from attack and would be an excellent addition to any base builder’s armoury.


5. Workshop Junk Wall Pack

Fallout 4 mods 3

Falliut 4 mods 3

Mod developer Astlem has a good-sized library of mods adding several new options for players to improve their settlements. His Workshop Decorations Pack is great, however, the mod I want to talk about is similar to General Dave’s but this one would be great for any level of player to use. The Workshop Junk Wall Pack gives players loads of options to secure areas from junked up cars to repurposed furniture or white goods. This gives your settlement defenses a real scrappy look and adds to the realism of the settlement being built by survivors in a post-nuclear wasteland.

These combined with General Dave’s Wasteland Walls would really give a player base a look of great security, making other players maybe think twice about attacking.


6. Window, Floor and Roof Boards

FO4 mods

FO4 mods 2

This is just a tiny mod that allows players to fix holes in walls, floors or the roof as well as boarding up any windows in pre-existing buildings. Not everyone will want to start a new building from scratch and may prefer to repair an existing one to make it suitable for their needs. It’s a simple addition to buildable items that would really help to create a sense of urgency about some of the houses that players can make for themselves and would act as a last line of defense against any attacks from the wasteland.

These are some mods that I have been thinking would be great additions to the base game of Fallout 76 to allow greater scope for building within the game. I also asked the aforementioned Norespawns and RangerDave what mod added functionality they would like to see in the game. They both came up with strikingly similar answers.

“I’m honestly reserving much of my judgement until I get to try the beta. On the technical side I hope they don’t ‘fix’ things like the rug/pillar glitch. However, it they do I hope they at least add the ability to turn off collision entirely. It would also be cool if they allowed you to rotate objects – but honestly my gut feeling is that the building will be largely unchanged other than some UI optimising.” – Norespawns

“I’m catching up from the gamescom madness so here’s a quick thought on Fallout 76: I really hope Bethesda gives us greater control over placement by default instead of locking things down like they did (most likely to avoid floating Minecraft-like monstrosities). The mod that will be the hardest to live without for me would definitely be “Place Everywhere”. The ability to place objects where the game normally won’t let you, rotate them on any axis, scale them, clip them through other objects, etc – that’s all essential to creating unique and detailed settlements.” – RangerDave

Both advocating for something which would add to the item placing within the building mechanism is not massively surprising to me, nor anyone who has watched their build videos. There is an obvious precedent for this to happen as the settlement building aspect of Fallout 4 originally came from a Fallout: New Vegas mod. Fallout 76 is an exciting prospect for many fans of the series and these additions would really help to make the game something special.

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