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One of the May 2023 PlayStation Showcase’s surprises wasn’t some well-known IP. It was the fact that Haven Studios’ Fairgame$ was not a Watch Dogs sequel. Everything seemed very in tune with Ubisoft’s anti-establishment third-person shooter, from the aesthetics to the voice-over monologue. But Fairgame$ is no Watch Dogs clone. It’s the latest competitive heist game, where players use an arsenal of fun tools and gadgets to rob the rich.

Fairgame$ kicked off the showcase with fun visuals and an upbeat reveal trailer. What it didn’t do was show off any gameplay.  Despite that, we’ve managed to compile everything you should know about what Jade Raymond’s new studio has been working on.


Fairgame$ Release Date

When the reveal trailer showcases absolutely no gameplay, you know there’s still a ways to go in development. Haven Studios’ creative director Mathieu Leduc spoke of Fairgame$ on the PlayStation Blog but offered no release window.

“For now, we are heads down and focused on bringing Fairgame$ to life and we will share more as soon as we can,” Leduc wrote.

This one’s probably at least a couple of years away, so don’t expect to see anything more from it until 2024 at the very earliest.


What is Fairgame$ About?

The rich keep getting richer, and the general public struggles in their shadow. Join an underground movement looking to shift the balance by pulling off incredible heists. Will you be a modern-day Robin Hood? Or keep the loot all of yourself?

Specifics on how Fairgame$ will play out are scarce, though we know it’s a PvPvE game with “emergent sandbox gameplay.” What that ultimately means is anyone’s guess, though it’s safe (pun intended) to assume there will be multiple heists to tackle at any given time. Since it’s a PvPvE title, you can expect rival groups to get in your way, as well as AI enemies.

A few different gadgets and weapons were showcased in the trailer, but it seems a grappling hook-type weapon will be integral in any successful heist.


Who is Developing Fairgame$?

Fairgame$ is being developed by Haven Studios, a newer studio helped by Assassin’s Creed’s Jade Raymond that launched in 2021. Despite a rather flashy website, the studio hasn’t shipped a game yet. In fact, it was in the process of developing a live service game for PlayStation when Sony showed interest in purchasing the studio.

That project was Fairgame$, and development has continued under Sony’s umbrella. While Haven may be new, some of its team have been around to have worked on games like The Sims and Star Wars Battlefront.


What Platform Will Fairgame$ Release On?

Fairgame$ is slated to release on both PC and PS5. Being developed by a Sony-owned studio, the live-service multiplayer game won’t be making its way onto Xbox. There’s also no word if it will first release on PS5 and then eventually release on PC.

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