Epic Games Store Becomes Top Digital Platform For World War Z

It might be controversial, but the EGS is drawing sales.

World War Z

World War Z has sold well over 2 million copies since launch, with around 700,000 of these sales being made on the Epic Games Store. These impressive figures make the Epic Games Store the top digital platform for the 3rd person co-op shooter, with PS4’s physical sales making Sony’s console the leading platform overall.

Matthew Karch, CEO of developer Saber Interactive, revealed the figures in an article with PCGamesN and told of his surprise at the figures: “We always believed the game would find a good following on PC eventually. The surprise was just how quickly it happened, and how important Epic’s platform was in getting us there.”

World War Z, an adaption of both the film and book of the same name, was exclusive to the Epic Launcher on PC, with Karch praising it for the strong performance: “On the PC specifically, we are performing way above expectations thanks to the support we have received from the Epic Games Store.”

Despite controversy with the Epic Games Store, where some EGS exclusives can get a marketing push from Epic and skip Steam entirely, Karch added that he didn’t entirely understand the backlash: “We don’t see backlash when console manufacturers create games that are just for their hardware, and buying a system for a game is obviously a much more onerous requirement. My hope is that once there is feature parity on the PC platforms, we won’t hear as much complaining.”

World War Z is one of this year’s sleeper hits and its sales figures were almost certainly helped given it was part of the Epic Games Store’s recent first sale. Additionally, the title has seen a recent patch go live, which sees a new mission added to its Tokyo episode, a new special zombie type added to all maps and various other improvements to improve the overall gameplay and quality of life. You can read our review of World War Z here.

Have you played World War Z yet? Let us know what you think of the zombie shooter in the comments below.

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