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Emerald City Is Your New Steampunk Wizard Of Oz

Image Source: Digital Trends

Emerald City is a new show coming to NBC in January. It’s also the most intriguing version of the Wizard of Oz in a generation. Clearly influenced by Game of Thrones, the newly released trailer hints at a war between magic and steampunk technology.

As with the original story, Dorothy lives in a Kansas farmhouse and is transported to Oz by a freak accident. What’s different this time is that the Yellow Brick Road isn’t all bright and well paved. This is not a 1950s kids’ movie. Don’t expect NBC to turn Oz into Westeros, but be ready for what looks like a more grounded prime time adventure.


Daredevil’s Vincent Donofrio shows up here as the eponymous Wizard, who rules the Emerald City with a strict ban on magic. But oh crap, there’s also the wicked witches of the West, East and North messing everything up with their witchcraft. Actually, the trailer hints at more than a splash of moral grayness here. Can Dorothy (True Detective’s Adria Arjona) actually trust anybody in Oz?


There’s a lot to like here. I’m personally pretty psyched for the steampunk stuff, plus the trailer promises awe inspiring vistas and big ass battles. Oh, and can we all be hyped for the casting of  Guatemalan/Puerto Rican Dorothy? I’d say that’s progress. Anyone else feeling good about this one?