EA FC 24: Team of the Week 1 Tier List (Best and Worst Players)

The first Team of the Week is finally live in EA FC 24, offering 18 brand-new special cards, including Lewandowski, Dybala, and Salah. The first TOTW also includes Karchaoui, who will likely become the best LB up to the Team of The Year event.

In this article, we’ve collected and ranked the first TOTW players, creating the EA FC 24 Team of the Week 1 tier list. Don’t miss any important information by reading this guide carefully; we have all the cards you’re looking for.


EA Sports FC 24: All TOTW 1 Players

In the first EA FC 24 Team of the Week, we got only 18 new players instead of 23 in FIFA 23. Thus, packing a TOTW card will be harder from now on.

Here’s a ranking of every player featured in EA FC 24’s first TOTW:

Player Rating Price Range
Lewandowski 91 150K+
Salah 90 450K+
Dybala 87 90 – 140K
Karchaoui 87 120 – 200K
Hummels 85 20 – 35K
Mkhitaryan 84 25 – 40K
Lamptey 84 45 – 80K
Moffi 81 10 – 20K
Doku 81 40 – 70K
Al Dawsari 81 10 – 15K
Ojeda 81 10 – 15K
Aktürkoğlu 81 10 – 15K
Guirassy 81 10 – 15K
Bataille 80 10 – 15K
Halilović 80 10 – 15K
Tabakovic 80 10 – 15K
Carlinhos 80 10 – 15K
Oukidja 80 10 – 15K


Tier S

Bataille TOTW 1
Bataille TOTW 1
  • Karchaoui
  • Lewandowski
  • Salah
  • Dybala

Tier S contains meta players who can become a great addition to any Ultimate Team squad. The hero of the first TOTW is Salah, who got 90 Pace, 89 Shooting, and 89 Dribbling, making him the best RW so far. According to Futbin, his price is 400,000 Coins.


Tier A

Moffi TOTW 2
Moffi TOTW 2
  • Hummels
  • Lamptey
  • Moffi
  • Doku
  • Mkhitaryan

Tier A contains decent players, and you are lucky if you pack any of these cards. The best player from Tier A is Moffi. He has a 93 Pace and Lengthy acceleration type, making him a cheap beast for starter teams.


Tier B

Bataille TOTW 1
Bataille TOTW 1
  • Al Dawsari
  • Ojeda
  • Bataille

Tier B is full of mid-players with many alternatives among rare gold players. Although you can still use them in starter teams, the more profitable option is to quicksell them. Coins can be used to craft SBCs or buy good players like Camavinga, Bernando Silva, or Moffi.


Tier C

  • Aktürkoğlu
  • Guirassy
  • Halilović
  • Oukidja
  • Tabakovic
  • Carlinhos

Tier C players from TOTW 1 are the weakest. Most are bench players and should only be used when you have no other option. And if you obtained one, count getting a Tier C TOTW player as +10K to your coins balance.

That’s it with the EA FC 24 Team of the Week 1 tier list. If you consider this guide helpful, make sure to check how to check server status and what are the best goalkeepers in EA Sports FC 24.

EA Sports FC 24 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, and Switch.

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