EA FC 24: How to Change Player Positions in FUT

Since appearing in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, changing players’ positions has become a fundamental mechanic in FIFA – or, as it’s now called, EA Sports FC. Almost every footballer in the game has alternative positions, which players actively use to create squads of their dreams.

In EA FC 24, EA Sports introduced a new way to change player positions in the Ultimate Team. They made the process much easier, and now it requires much less effort from players.

Let’s dive deeper and discover how to change player positions in FUT. It might be easy to overlook, so we are here to help.


EA FC 24 UT: Changing Position Explained

In FIFA 23, players had to use Position Modifier, a consumable item in Ultimate Team that can be applied to change players’ positions. This proved costly as each Position Modifier item was valued at 5,000 Coins on the transfer market.

This year, EA Sports removed Position Modifiers and made changing position a natural process, just like in real football.

Each player has a preferred position and up to four alternative positions, which can be found in the Player Details.

As you can see, Jonathan David, a Canadian striker and Ligue 1 star, has only one alternative position: CF.

To change a player’s position in your club, drag and drop them to the desired spot. Their card will automatically update to reflect their new line in your team.

Please note that the player must be able to play the new position for the change to take effect. If a player is moved to the wrong place or doesn’t have an alternative position, their chemistry style won’t be active.


EA FC 24: Craziest Position Changes

In EA Sports FC 24, some players find themselves in unexpected positions. The perfect example is Federico Valverde, who can switch from CM to RW.

But it’s not just about the big names. Below, we’ll uncover hidden gems that can surprise you with unexpected position changes.


Marcos Llorente

Preferred Position: RM
Alternative Positions: RB, CM, RW

Marcos Llorente, La Liga’s superstar, is the renowned king of position change in EA FC 24. He can play midfield, defense, and the attacking third as a right winger.


Karim Adeyemi

Preferred Position: LM
Alternative Positions: RM, ST, LW

Karim Adeyemi, one of Borussia Dortmund’s growing stars, is extremely good at switching positions. The most courageous players use him at ST, where 96 Pace really makes the difference.


Eduardo Camavinga

Preferred Position: CDM
Alternative Positions: LB, CM

We all wish Camavinga had ten alternative positions, like in memes with him, but it’s impossible so far. The young French star can play three important positions: CDM, LB, and CM.


Juan Cuadrado

Preferred Position: RM
Alternative Positions: RB, RW

The last and oldest player on the list, Juan Cuadrado, is versatile. He can play in midfield, backfield, and in attack. Still, his stats have significantly declined since FIFA 15.

EA Sports FC 24 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, and Switch.

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