E3 2018: PS4 Exclusive Death Stranding Gets Emotional Gameplay Trailer

Death Stranding

Death Stranding just got another barmy trailer at E3 2018. Norman Reedus is back, but this time it actually looks like they’re trying to form a narrative.

He is chatting to a woman about making deliveries before the camera pans up to him walking around some beautiful landscapes — looks like this will be post-apocalyptic. And it also looks like this is gameplay.

Norman Reedus’ character, Sam, walks across empty expanses with his deliveries and this keep on going on. Could Death Stranding be a walking simulator? Nope, Reedus brings out a gun of sorts and then stuff gets even weirder. Somehow.

The footprints of a creature are seen making their way past him before his grabbed by what looks like Lea Seydoux and told to be quiet. The pair lie back in silence as the creature stalks around them. Seydoux cries a bit, then the pair study a horizon.

We then flash to a different point in time with Sam corresponding about the creatures. The baby returns as Sam makes his way into danger with the stranding creatures appearing in the distance. The baby seems to scare them off as Sam walks past before he is engulfed by them.

And then Lea Seydoux eats some worm of some kind. Dissect this one if you dare.

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