E3 2018: Nintendo Debuts Super Smash Bros Ultimate Gameplay & Roster

Switch Super Smash Bros

During today’s special E3 version of Nintendo Direct, new gameplay footage was unveiled of perhaps the most anticipated game in the history of the Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and it looks fantastic. It’s a true celebration of a series almost two decades long, compiling together everything that’s ever featured in Smash Bros.

The first video showcased the character roster, which was basically a long winded way of saying everyone who has ever appeared in a Super Smash Bros game is making an appearance, including Snake, Ryu, Cloud, Bayonetta, Pichu and Ice Climbers. There’s also the debuting Inkling from Splatoon, along with Daisy as an Echo Fighter, the new term for a clone character. Think Pit/Dark Pit.

Certain characters are now a little different, with Mario and Link getting Cappy and Breath of the Wild skills respectively. Different characters have been given redesigns, including Fox and Falco, and their Landmaster Tank has been retired. Ryu has also been given a change, so that he always faces a 1v1 opponent, which helps avoid command input mistakes. Check out the changes to Cloud and Snake below.

As far as stages go, there’s plenty of returning classics, including Peach’s Castle from Melee, Green Hill Zone from Brawl, the complicated New Port City, along with the new Moray Towers to go with the debuting Inklings.

Nintendo have also confirmed that Nintendo Gamecube controllers will be compatible with Super Smash Bros Ultimate, because it wouldn’t be Smash without being able to use that god-tier. Any existing compatible Amiibo will also work with this game.

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