Dreams Looks Set To Be A Mind-Blowing Experience

Media Molecule's next big creation centric project could go on to great success.

Perhaps one of the more disappointing aspects of EGX 2018 was how little interest there was in Dreams. During the weekend, queues filled out the convention centre for games like Spyro or AC: Odyssey, while Dreams didn’t have nearly as many visitors. It’s a shame really, as Media Molecule’s latest foray into the world of infinite creation looks set to be a mind-blowing experience.

Dreams could be considered the next natural step after LittleBigPlanet, allowing players to create more than just 2D platforming levels. In fact, players will be able create whatever takes their fancy, be it another platformer or something a little bit more imaginative. If you can dream it, Dreams will build it.

Going off what gameplay experiences were available in the demo, the range of levels able to be created is simply astounding, making it one of few games that lives up to the “only limit is your imagination” adage. Though we weren’t able to get hands on with the level creators, we were given a look into the types of content that can be created, and it’s insane.

The main portion of the demo was a 3D platformer with a cute little robot exploring the ruins of an ancient civilisation. Though it was fairly simplistic stuff, you could see the influence of LittleBigPlanet throughout, as the level contained plenty of secret collectibles to discover. Still, things improved immeasurably when playing the smaller experiences.

The demo including a dogfighting level, a side scrolling shoot ‘em up, a 2D platformer drawn in a comic book style that eventually morphs into 3D, a frankly too realistic level called “Please Hug Me” where creatures would rather throw themselves off a cliff than hug you, and a text based adventure about a house party that quickly turns into something sinister.

It’s an incredibly diverse range of content that players will be able to create for themselves when the game launches, but it’s a question of how intuitive the game is to do so. If the creation tools are too complicated for most players, we could have a repeat of Project Spark on our hands.

The chances of that happening are unlikely though. Project Spark had problems beyond being a bit complicated, chief among them being a lack of personality; a problem that hasn’t been associated with Media Molecule’s output. Even the small demo levels were absolutely brimming with humour and character, so let’s hope that continues when the full game launches on PS4 at some point. It’s meant to be 2018, but we’ll see.

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