Dragon Ball: How Many Times Has Krillin Died?

Krillin deaths
Krillin deaths

Krillin, a beloved and often bald character in the Dragon Ball series, has faced mortality more than once, experiencing death in various arcs of the franchise. Each death has played a significant role in shaping the character and the overall narrative, as well as playing into him being portrayed as the weakest of all of the human fighters. But how many times has Krillin died across Dragon Ball?

In total, Krillin has died five times in Dragon Ball. Once in the original Dragon Ball, three times in Dragon Ball Z, and once in Dragon Ball GT. However, two of his deaths are in an alternate timeline and non-canon respectively. He has been revived by Dragon Balls on three separate occassions.

Here’s a breakdown of each of Krillin’s deaths so far:

Dragon Ball: Killed by Tambourine, a minion of King Piccolo.
Dragon Ball Z – Namek Saga: Killed by Frieza after being imploded by a Death Psycho Bomb.
Dragon Ball Z – Majin Buu Saga: Killed when Super Buu unleashed his Human Extinction Attack, which turned him into chocolate. Buu then ate him.
Dragon Ball Z – Android Saga: Killed by the Androids through sheer boredom. (alternate timeline)
Dragon Ball GT: Killed by Android 17; dies in Android 18’s arms. (non-canon)

Krillin has not yet died in Dragon Ball Super, which is quite the accomplishment.

The most impactful Krillin death is arguably his first. Krillin met an untimely end during the original Dragon Ball series at the hands of Tambourine, a minion of King Piccolo, who brutally took Krillin’s life as part of King Piccolo’s plan to eliminate those who could pose a threat to him. This marked the beginning of Krillin’s unfortunate encounters with death.

Krillin’s deaths, while tragic (well, eventually funny, considering how often he dies), highlight the resilience of characters in the Dragon Ball universe. The series often explores the themes of life, death, and resurrection, using these events to drive the narrative forward and deepen the emotional connections between the characters and the audience. Despite facing numerous deaths, Krillin continues to be an integral part of the Dragon Ball legacy, demonstrating the enduring spirit of the series.

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